Khanh Thy ‘taste Love “is Bleed Or Pitiful?

Throughout 40 episodes of Part 2, Thy characters many times were criticized by the audience because they were too much more than part 1. But whether the error was completely thy? Does the test really blame? 0: 00/4: 01 NAM in the latest episode of the love flavor, the conflict of the couple Thy (Thu Quynh) and Huy (Anh Vu) has been pushed up to the peak when Khanh Thy witnessed the Ocean (Shu Anh) kissing. Throughout more than 30 episodes of Part 2, Thy characters are repeatedly criticized by the audience because they are too "too much" than Part 1. But is the error completely thy? Thy is really blaming? In part 1 of the movie, the audience criticized Thy fake. In front of Long (strong school) she is a sincere person, knowing all members of his family; In front of him, he was pitiful but behind his mother presented in succession to the rich strawberry

. She and her mother takes advantage of Huy's feelings to reach the goal. To part 2, the flutter of body building Thy is a woman of her career. She frequently went to meet partners, neglecting the family, not afraid to close to the partner and did not pay attention to her husband's feelings
On the other hand, she pressed when she knew how Long turned around with Nam (Phuong Oanh), supporting her mother-in-law to prevent two people from getting married. When Nam Nam was about to be strawberries, Thy was in his face but was in his face but not in jealousy Everyone in the house loves. She also was always dissatisfied because her husband didn't go to the family company, letting her alone "rolled up" .lo feared their parents would leave the real estate for his brother, she plans to open its own company. And the audience is seeing a thy and increasingly, conspiracy, seeing a woman greedy power and material. But do Thy really hate and blame? The character of the character Thy stands between good and bad boundaries, is a complex internal character, a lot of pitiful portions because it is suffering, suffering, Bear a lot of mother's impositions.Cho until it was about to work with Huy's house, she did not completely live with himself. She spends time pursuing her career, meaning that there is no time for the family. When she said she was increasingly ambitious, Thy hurt somewhat. Huy said was not wrong, but if he gave Thy more safe and firm sense, she would not work like that
Thy did so so the family had a better future, and she couldn't satisfy everybody. About this she is not wrong. People only teach women not to close the door of career after marriage, but do not teach them how to balance the family and his career. It is not loved by her grandmother, and this makes her not Many opportunities to care about her care. Until men return to make strawberries, the rope mounted between Thy and his family far away. As a successful woman, being compared to others is difficult to accept. From granny, her parents, and then both maids spend love for men, all meantime Ask Nam, Thy began to press. And perhaps she has the right to get hot with Huy, when he feels he is not happy with her many things since men returned. It was pushed up higher when Huy's marriage and Thy appeared. She died Silent when seeing another woman kissed her husband. Huy said that he was just a replacement when many times saw Thy and the old lover met. Huy and Thy's marriage is standing in front of the broken verge. Both are no longer faith together. And now, Thy is a person who sufferges, so hard and miserable. In the flavor of body practice 110, Thy after quarreling with Huy because Duong has left in the middle of the night in the rain. She was exhausted and hospitalized. In the end, how many override Thy also said to him. She was always worried that would be abandoned, especially when she had miscarried. Thy buried his head to the job to forget the guilt and the worries would no longer be bad. However, the most desperately desperately, she was announced to have become pregnant, the couple decided to start again. Making Thy from good boundaries - bad steps to a step to the shore of the bad, becoming a tricks model. Thy is good, beautiful, skillful, who is active but also vulnerable and suffers a lot. Because Thy is not perfect, and because we ourselves are not the perfect person, so please take a look at the content with Thy. If you have an opinion, please send us the address: banvanhoa @ Your opinion may not coincide with the view of the article published in VietnamNet.

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