Khanh Van (eye) Pouring Disease, Must Save The Doctor Because Of The Habit Of Eating Antiologically

Recently, the latest image series of girl 'eyes' Khanh Van makes people not from fluttering. 13/9, Khanh Van shared the Story Instagram series updated its current situation. Unlike the beautiful, youthful appearance, the eye of the eye appeared in a pale, pale image, the white face clearly revealed the coating. Netizen also did not worry when she seemed skinny, losing a lot of weight. The new image of Khanh Van makes Netizen not worry about worrying about the health status of herself, Khanh Van said she was both awake Back, overcome dizziness and fatigue during the afternoon

. Thanks to the dedicated help and care of relatives as a doctor, an eye actress has quickly recovered healthily. This is the third time Khanh Van encountered tiredness, exhausted this exhaustion. She also revealed, the reason for pouring was because continuous sleeping was not enough to sleep and only vegetarian vegetarians instead of protein foods Plant, resulting in serious nutritional deficiency
This is also the habit of many people today, especially young people. Through my own experiences "smoothly" of myself, her eyes also wish fans to keep their fans at the time of epidemic. Do Khanh Van suddenly poured disease was not enough to sleep and only eat vegetables Leading the lack of nutrients in the current, the actress of the eye has recovered and returned to a fresh look.

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