Khiem And ‘mother’s Mother’ Determined To Revenge On The Family

For revenge, Ms. Thuy urged Khiem to arouse the enemy of Kiệt. In addition, she also promoted the relationship of Thanh Van and Dang Duy. Doubtedly. However, Ms

. Thuy confirmed this certainly because she has long followed this family's financial resources. Ms. Thuan of Ms
Thuy, the several months and full of hatred made Ms. Thuy Go change the appearance so no one recognizes it. Even Khiem did not recognize his mother when Ms. Thuy came to find a son to inform her, she was a family member of the person who caused the tragedy of his life. Bà Thuy (Mother Khiem). Photo: Golden Senba also brought to the hire house of the temple mainly to worship the father and children of Khiem. She could not be a altar for the three of Khiem because she was afraid of smoked smoke, sin for Linh. Understanding the worms and suffering of the mother and suffering of the Mother's mind is determined to revenge on the family. My strawberry, because "this house has a child to make a daughter-in-law, you can rest assured to close your eyes. "Dam
However, because of unintentionally or deliberately ignoring it, Thanh Van does not recognize that love.Thanh Van. In one time with Khanh Ha and My Ngoc went to eat ice cream, Thanh Van met urinal. Although he did not know Thanh Van and Khiem are in love with each other but with a strange feeling, Tieu Quyen deliberately for Thanh Van Know that she and Khiem are preparing to marry. Quickly. Tieu Quyen and Khiem happily walked together. Does Thanh Van doubt the feelings of humility? Invite the audience to see the next movement of the Vietnamese film gambling love broadcast at 20 hours from Monday to Saturday every week on THVL1 channel. Celestial

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