Khuong Coconut: ‘i Find Myself Liver Too Because I Have To Contact F0 A Lot But Still Not Afraid To’

'Doing the right conscience, enjoy blessing, misrepresenting, meeting the' - Khuong Duyên.00: 00/2: 39 nam nam nuoi, director of Khuong Dua (Deputy Director of Filling Company) was confided The audience on his philanthropic phenomena on his personalized YouTube channel. I don't share the account number or call for donations to perform the recent translation time, I get a lot of support from the audience and foreign. People send money to let me go to give gifts to help with difficult circumstances, affected by the epidemic.NSND Bach Snow: I visit the grave of Cuong, including the mailer, call after removing the way, I saw her child who poured over his hometown so he also put the remaining funds to buy cakes, water, furniture gave them to them

. The spermal strong saw many difficult circumstances so it also sends more money for me to reveal Give them home. I gave it quite smoothly, only to the last few days appeared some scam. It, I was frustrated, so I stopped, using the amount of money left to give it directly to the circumstances affected by Covid
, especially families who have lost. Everyone saw, I gave money to a lot of circumstances. I have to go from early morning to the evening. In the process of giving gifts, her relatives re-send money to me again. The fund for transparency. Intime, when I did, I didn't think about getting so much supporters. I simply saw some difficult circumstances so I put my own money to help, then her relatives automatically deposit money. I don't share the account number or call for donations. Perhaps the sponsors know my account number before should deposit money. Many of them have been gathered with me for a long time
The wrong makes a result, I see the hour of thinking again, I saw my liver at that time because I had to contact F0 a lot but still not afraid. Sometimes I think I also stick to Covid, but I can't go away because I have the days I have a cold, sore throat, fever. I was afraid but then glanced over. Now I'm still healthy, surviving is happy. Many people receive my gifts from the epidemic, until now to tell. They are very excited, yank me as well as sponsors. This makes me happy. I am very happy and consider these very practical tasks. Of course, besides, there are people who are not satisfied with my job. But I can't know, I do it, nobody made it allied all. I just worked and still have a supporter, accompany me. If anyone does not support, I do it alone, nothing, just a little money. I'm not bothering anyone. I just thought, doing the right conscience, enjoying the blessing, misrepresenting the wrong time.

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