Kia Carens Re-exported After 3 Years Of Stopping Production

Kia officially announced the return of the Carens brand in a completely new appearance, was released on December 16 to 1.0: 00/1: 27 Southern men's video bait was published by Kia Korea Giving us a glimpse of Carens, rumored to share the foundation with Kia Carens (in some Asian countries named Kia Rondo) appeared for the first time in 1999, located in MPV segment Middle size (configuration of 5 - 7 seats) .kia Carens (Kia Rondo) Final version in 2018 Before stopping production in Vietnam, this car was originally imported from Korea and exclusive distribution by Thaco Truong Hai. Then this car was assembled by THACO to assemble CKD in Vietnam since 2009

. Through 3 product life cycles, by 2018, this model was stopped globally, due to poor sales The fourth generation. The fourth generation seems to also use the latest design language of Kia with thin LED headlights and wide taillights, similar to the new Sportage. Size, carens may be longer than V Oh higher than Seltos to bring spacious and convenient interior space
High car allows the third seat arrangement, making it a 7-seat car like the predecessor version. Introducing and clearly focusing on family-friendly nature on their new model. After debuting the world on December 16, Carens will be released in India and other markets a day Then.Video bait Introduction to Kia Carens is about to launch British

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