Kia Carnival 2022 ‘with Bones, With Meat’ Mounted Old Logos In Vietnam

Although it was not officially released but Kia Carnival 2022 was revealed the official selling price, equipped and image of the vehicle taken at the Chu Lai factory. Notably, the car still owns the old logo.Kia Carnival 2022 is currently the hot topic in Vietnamese car village when it is always called many users, especially after the other Vietnamese model locates this model as "urban SUV "Instead of a large MPV as before. Not yet released officially, the agent side as well as the other website of Vietnam has updated the price of Kia Carnival 2022 from 1.19 to 1,839 billion

. And most recently, the actual image of this model has also been widely shared on social networks. Looking at the image provided, the first notable thing is the logo on the Kia Carnival SUV hood 2022 is still the old logo of the Korean car company, not the new type that appears on Kia Seltos or Kia K3 2022 has just been released. The old logo appears on the car does not prevent many people pressing, by the new logo Kia has a higher aesthetic value
Even if the company will ... to spend a new logo for the occasion to upgrade light and increase the next price of Kia Carnival 2022. Besides, the car's grille will have a clear difference depending on version. Coordinating with the previous revealed parameters, it can be seen that the two Signature versions of Kia Carnival 2022 will be equipped with a grille of thin cranes intercropping quite luxuriously, (eg colored cars White in the picture above). Meanwhile in the 2.2D Premium, the car's grille has a fairly thick vertical bar. The 5 versions of the car will be equipped with a 19-inch alloy wheel, full LED light system (except the Luxury Standard with LED headlights but the taillights are only halogen), hip doors and electrical trunks that integrate hands-free opening. On the most advanced versions of the most advanced signature, the car will be equipped with smart LED adaptive lights and sunroofs
The exterior with exterior, the interior of Kia Carnival 2022 also has a much more modern design than before this. On the most advanced version, the clock table after the wheel of the car is a digital type of 12.3-inch size, equivalent to the entertainment screen in the central area. Next, the traditional number has been eliminated Remove with a switching knob. Remarkable amenities include automatic air-conditioning, electrical driving chairs, electric adapters, heating and cooling seats, steering wheels, automatic anti-glare rearview mirrors, windows and windows Wireless phones, 12 Bose speakers, automatic regulating and remote booting. About operation, Kia Carnival 2022 has 2 engine options. The first is the oil, turbocharger, 2.2L capacity for a maximum capacity of 199 horsepower and maximum torque reaching 440 nm. The second is a gasoline engine, a capacity of 3.5L with the corresponding parameters of 268 hp and 331 nm. All versions are using 8-level automatic transmission and drive system truoc.Theo information from Vietnam Kia, Kia Carnival 2022 will be launched in October this. The latest 4th generation vehicles and continue to be assembled in the country. Difference with the old Kia Carnival 2022 is developed on the new chassis result in exterior design has much changed, more rugged and robust, slightly SUV instead MPV.Ve operational capabilities, the Kia Carnival 2022 There are 2 engine options. The first is the diesel, turbocharged, 2.2 liter capacity for a maximum capacity of 199 horsepower and maximum torque of 440 Nm achieved. The second is a gasoline engine, a capacity of 3.5L with the corresponding parameters of 268 hp and 331 nm. All versions use 8-speed automatic transmissions and pre-demand system. The KIA Carnival 2022 safety equipment also has a highlight with modern features on 2 Signature versions similar to Kia Sorento. That is the "option" blind spot display through digital panel meter, 360-degree camera, lane keeping assistance, collision avoidance assistance front and cruise control information minh.Video: Kia Sedona in 2022: The most costly car is over 1.8 billion dong.

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