Kia Carnival Hi Limousine 4-seater ‘sang’, From 1.75 Billion Dong

In the Korean market, the other MPV model Carnival Hi Limousine 2022 has a new version of 4 seats, the car is priced from 90.79 million won (about 1.75 billion dong). On November last year, the other company was main Wake up the version of the "ceiling, airy" version Hi limousine of the large MPV car carnival in the Korean market. At that time, Kia Carnival Hi Limousine 2022 has only 2 versions of 7 seats and 9 seats

. After 1 year, this model continues to be added a new version with a more luxurious 4-seater interior. The 7-seat version and 9 seats, the new 4-seat limousine carnival is also equipped with a higher position Standard to extend the interior. In addition, Kia Carnival Hi Limousine 2022 also has upgrades in the exterior compared to the normal version such as the front bumper protection bar, ribs, tunneling plates more, large LED brake lights located on the roof, stamp The "Hi Limousine" is in the entire door and the door to adjust the electricity
The hit the KIA Carnival Hi Limousine 2022 new 4-seater version is focused inside the car. Entering this model, users will see more and spacious interiors thanks to the lesson of 291 mm higher. Not only higher, the car ceiling also comes with a 21.5-inch smart TV screen to passengers behind entertainment. Higher cars, integrating the lamp of Kia Carnival Hi Limousine 2022 4 seats. Next, the two merchant seats are separated from each other behind. These two chairs are high-class leather, with relaxation mode and HUTECH foot massage machine to bring comfort to people sitting. In addition, these two chairs also have enough heating and cooling features. Added to it as a 7-inch touch screen located on the hands of hands in the middle of the rear seats. At this hand, there are 2 tables for passengers to eat or work
It is not to mention the cooling / warming drink compartment and a passenger compartment. To ensure privacy for passengers, the company has added additional curtains in the rear seats. Meanwhile, the air filtration system is integrated into the back of the sub-steering seat. The most premium version of the other car carnival is currently available in Korea so Hi Limousine is 4 seats of naturally fully equipped . This model only has a number of options such as Premium Pack packages, Smart Connect packages, KRELL audio systems and remote parking support. In that, the Premium Pack package includes the footsteps on the side of the side Wait for the led at the sliding door dedicated to the other carnival hi limousine, cooling cup / warming cup in both rows of seats, glowing door tiles and wireless smartphone charging. Kia Carnival Hi Limousine 2022 4 seats is a 6-cylinder gasoline engine, 3.5L capacity, creating a maximum capacity of 294 horsepower and maximum torque of 355 nm. This engine works with 8-level automatic transmission. In the Korean market, the price of Kia Carnival Hi Limousine 4-seater has just started from 90.79 million won (about 1.75 billion dong) .Video: details Kia carnival hi limousine 2022 new.

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