Kia Cerato 2022 Sold In Vietnam Market With 4 Versions, Changing The Name To K3

Kia Vietnam is about to open sales to the Cerato Class C sedan model new upgraded version right in September. Vehicles have 4 versions and are renamed to K3.0: 00/1: 56 NAM 4 Southern version of the Sale of Kia K3, including: standard 1.6 MT floor number, 1.6 at Luxury, 1

.6 at premium and 2.0 at Premium. Compared to the old generation, Kia K3 has a sharp design and more equipped
Design of the new upgrade with the previous head changes in the grille with a bright metal border, LED headlight cluster Inner lenses, previous bumper bumper extensions with large blastances and two sides have new blind bone lights. The car is also equipped with a new 18-inch spin-sized tray. Furniture of the car is also upgraded by the manufacturer to add some utilities to the user. Specifically, the car is upgraded clock clock support driver and center entertainment center size 10.25 inches. Heating front / cooling, electronic hand brake, remote engine start , Charge the wireless phone in the premium version, along with other driving support systems. Strengthening for Kia K3 new in Vietnam market is likely to remain the old engine. Specifically, the type of 4-cylinder 1.6L MPI Gamma, natural air suction, produces a maximum capacity of 128 horsepower and 157 nm maximum torque. With it is another motor option A 2
0L Nu cylinder type, natural air absorption, with a maximum capacity of 159 horsepower and 194 nm torque at 4,500 rpm. The power is transmitted to the front bridge (FWD), through 6-speed and automatic 6-level board gearbox. Safety equipment of the car consists of 2 airbags, ABS brake system, electronic brake force distribution, electrical balance Tu, reversing camera, journey control, tire pressure sensor system, the sensor supports parking before and after (standard version is not available). Particularly two high-end versions 1.6 AT Premium and 2.0 AT Premium have 6 airbags.Gia Huy

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