Kia Niro 2022 Designs The Design And Interior Made From Recycled Materials

Kia Nroo new generation has just been launched in the Korean homeland, the new generation crossover model changes the design, focusing on the driver, three drive system options.0: 00/2: 13 nuankia domain introduction New generation Niro at Seoul Mobility Show 2021. The Crossover comes with the selection of hybrid versions, plug-in hybrid and completely electrical. Compared to the old version, Niro 2022 changes comprehensively. The appearance was inspired by Habaniro Concept 2019

.niro New generation launched in Korea with a typical tiger nose radiator but tweaked into "tiger face", with a thin grille, full width and grip Large heat below forms a skeletal graphic. The tail section has a large D column that helps improve aerodynamics. Fronting bumper is also coordinated with two tones, stretching to the front fenders and ribs
The rear taillight has a fancy boomerang design.KIKA K3 has a new version in Vietnam, the price of 689 million dong of Kia on the new model is the sustainability. Kia Niro is made from environmentally friendly materials, advanced technology and electric drive systems that meet the practical needs of the customer. Audi car price in December 2021: adding new products also added Add "Greenzone" driving mode on Niro. This helps the car automatically change from Hybrid plug-in mode to EV mode. When driving in a lot of green trees such as residential areas, the car will identify and switch to EV.TOP mode best hit cars in 2021: Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet top table with a disruption panel Worth surrounding the driver and extra seat, combining the curved screen panel of the other and the gearbox selector. Front seats are thin, lightweight, improved comfort and spaciousness, and have a hooked jacket after headrest. Car using environmentally friendly materials, such as head pads made of recycled wall paper, chairs using tencel fibers from eucalyptus leaves and doors do not contain uniforms benzene, toluen and xylen.mazda announced the price Selling CX-5 2022: Launching nearly 600 million Dong Dong has not revealed the details of NIRO new generation, but said the car has hybrid-electric (HEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV) Pure electricity
Detailed parameters and prices will be published near the time of sale in 2022. According to Hoai Thuong / VietQ

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