Kia Seltos Price In September 2021: Rolling From Vnd 704.5 Million

In Hanoi, in September 2021, the other buyers Seltos needed from 704.5 million to roll with the old version and need from 710.5 million to roll up the upgrade of the 9th grade / 2: 50 months / 2021, according to PV's Learn, the top B Crossover pattern Kia Seltos is still in stock, Deluxe and Luxury versions currently some agents are not available, guests want to buy them from now Now and have to go to October to have a car to deliver. In Hanoi, September 202, customers need from 704.5 million to roll the old Seltos edition and from 710

.5 million for the upgrades. In September 2021, the carrier and other agents did not have a price incentive program for Kia Seltos. However, customers who buy Seltos still receive gifts according to car accessories including: Paste Film ways Heat, floor mats, spare tires,
. Currently, agents are distributing parallel to the old version of Seltos and upgrades, in which the upgrade is higher than the old version of 6-10 million VND. Upgrades are added some pages b Helps Kia Seltos amenities, more modern, increasing competitiveness with rivals in the segment. Traffic cars will charge the price of Kia Seltos in September 2021 in Hanoi based on taxes and charges The car pays to get the number plate. In other localities, the price of rolling wheels will be lower.Khoang interior on the other Seltos, with a selling price of VND 6 million in the new 1.4 Deluxe version, instead of booting the vehicle with the key, the model will be equipped Add a smart key and start the Start / Stop button. For the new version 1.4 Luxury will be adding the electrical driver seat, the tire pressure sensor, the interior will also change with 2 tones instead of Only a tone like an existing version. In the meantime, the 1
4 Premium version will be upgraded to a high-end air filtration system. This system is controlled on the multimedia entertainment screen with the largest size segment up to 10.25 ''. In particular, air quality will be displayed in color and airflow according to 5 modes. Users can easily check the current air condition with the number of AQI (Air Quality Index) displays with the LED screen equipped on the system. In addition, the 1.6 Premium version is also equipped with a pressure sensor. Tire capacity and electrical trunks. The other vehicle Seltosts All versions have impressive front designs, a typical grille connected to the LED range with a unique multi-stage structure. The headlight system with unique LED light effect is the combination of frontlight clusters with full LED technology and "Heart - Beat" positioning light. Safety equipment on Kia Seltos includes: 6 airbags, system Anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brake force allocation (EBD), emergency brake support (three), electronic balance (ESP), body control (VMS), Horizontal departure support (HAC), reversing camera, sensor parking support ... understanding blue

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