Kia Seltos Uses A New Logo, Increasing The Selling Price Of 6-10 Million Vnd

KIEN SELTOS Urban SUV has just been equipped with THACO with a new identity logo, adding a number of equipment and features at the same time increasing the selling price added 6 - 10 million dong.02: 00/1: 46 nuankia Seltos use logo New, the highest price increase of 10 million dong. Not only changing identification with the new logo from the other brand, the SELTOS 1.4 Turbo versions are also upgraded with more equipment and utilities to maximize the needs Customer's .Theo, in the new version 1

.4 Deluxe, instead of booting the vehicle with muscle key, the model will be equipped with a smart key and start the Start / Stop button. In addition to the electrical driver seat, help the driver choose the right sitting position, bringing the most comfortable feeling when moving. In addition, this version is also equipped with a tire pressure sensor
The 1.4 Premium version will be upgraded to a high-end air filtration system. This system is controlled on the multimedia entertainment screen with the largest segment of up to 10.25 inches. In particular, air quality will be displayed in color and airflow according to 5 modes. Users can easily check the current air status with the number of AQI (Air Quality Index) displays with LED screens equipped on the system. Equipment increases, the Seltos 1.4 version remains the whole room How to design sports and impressions such as existing versions and SELTOS 1.6 Premium versions have been upgraded earlier.Kia Seltos is also the first other model in Vietnam market that is changed to identify the new logo Kia
Kia Seltos brand is currently distributed in Vietnam market with 3 different versions Deluxe, Luxury and Premium. In addition to 1.4 Turbo engine on all 3 versions, the Premium version will have an additional 1.6 MPI engine. Customers are provided with 9 color options with 5 single colors and 4 options to combine 2 color tones. Selling price of other versions of Seltos are as follows: Price of KIA SELTOS versions: Gia Huy

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