Kia Sorento 2022 Launches Fuel Economy Variations, Only Nearly 3 Liters / 100 Km

Kia Sorento 2022 launches a plug-in-hybrid variant (PHEV) in the UK, with fuel consumption only 2.97 liters / 100km.0: 00/2: 00 namtheo, hybrid drive system plug- Printing on Kia Sorento Turbo includes a turbocharged four-cylinder GDI gasoline engine with a turbocharged 90-horsepower and 13.8 KWH.KIA Sorrento Turbo Phev electric engine launches in England, consumption Will only 2

.97 liters / 100km of the total capacity of the system reach 261 horsepower and be transmitted to both wheels through the six-level automatic gearbox and the standard AWD system with central differential locks, torque vectors Twisted and SELECT driving mode. Move scope if only using a maximum electric motor is 52km, while the overall range of the whole system reaches 740km. And the car is actually saving fuel when the fuel consumption of Sorento Phev only reaches 2
97 liters / 100km of mixed road. The gate of the side of the side of the side Phev is distinguished from the rest of the charger Battery on the side of the car and the Eco / plug-in badge in the rears. This variant is available in two decorative levels: Version - SX and the SX-Personal version in the cabin cavity, Sorento Turbo Phev equipped with a 12.3-inch digital clock clock (on the SX-P version ) Combined with a 10.25-inch and luxurious, convenient and modern cabin display with utility facilities including: driving support on highways and pine journey control curves Minh is based on navigation; Screen 360 degree dome view; Bose high-end audio system with 12 speakers; UVO connection service and 8 USB charging ports for all passengers come with a wireless charger.KIA Sorento Turbo Phev has a standard three row of seats, standard synthetic leather wrap or optional perforated skin. SUVs are expected to reach agents in the US in the third quarter of 2021, now the selling price has not been disclosed. See some pictures of Kia Sorento Turbo Phev: Understand Lam

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