Kia Unveiled Sedona Hi Limousine Version: 4 Seats, Merchant Options

Kia unveiled the Sedona Hi Limousine version with only 4 seats with many options only for luxury cars.02 / 1: 58 South Asia, from Singapore to Tokyo, the super-to-use multi-purpose cars designed In particular, there are options that always do luxury models like Mercedes-Benz S-Class to be axious. While the rest of the world rushes into high-end SUVs for the benefits they bring, do any vehicle have a capacity and more than a valve car? Kia Sedona luxury version with 2 seats KHAKAKA certainly remembered with their new launch of Sedona (Carnival) Hi Limousine at the end of 2020. There was no doubt, they will challenge rivals like Toyota Alphard and at a lower level Mercedes-Benz V-Class, and Kia just stops at the luxury level just enough. The merchant seat on that sedona hi-limousinedo, for the 2022 version, they introduced a four-seat variant even to Weigher, eliminating the three rows instead of configuring two rows with two "Premium Relaxation" merchants in the back, each decorated with Nappa skin quilted "three-dimensional"

. It is supposed to imitate what you often see in the first-class aircraft compartment, two lucky passengers getting more personal tray tables. Wide rear seats for existing bosses, chairs have a variety of things Power corrections, all can be controlled by a 7-inch touch screen or via your phone. The screen can control other functions, including light, air conditioning and smart TV 21
5 inch.TV smart is controlled by phone and touch desk with a tired working day, Remove shoes and enjoy relaxing foot massage thanks to the built-in automatic massage machine. You don't want your shoes to splash the cabin? It's okay, just put them in the shoe container in the rear seats. The other carnival's sit as on the first class in the aircraft continues, with a hot or cold cabinet can contain drinks, as well as prices Cup can heat or cool. Price of this luxury? Less than 87 million won Korea. That means about 75,500 USD. But when you consider a Merc S-Class with a starting price of 109,800 USD in the US, Sedona (Carnival) Hi Limousine started like a bargain. Because Son Pham, 16 hours ago

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