Kiatisak Revealed Chanathip Wanting To Play With Nguyen Van Toan

From Consadole Sapporo, the student of Coach Kiatisak wants to kick together .... 0: 00/1: 15 namhlv domain Chief Ha Gia Lai Kiatisak has just "chat" with the old student Chanathip playing in J- League 1 in the coat of Consadole Sapproro

.Hai teachers have shared online together with very good things. Ha Gia Lai's head coach asked Chanathip to monitor Vietnam (VN) to play or not, the Thailand and Colsadole Sapporo conducted conductor said: "Also frequently watch". The whole player chanathip wants to work on the field
Photo: Vpfiatisak asked to ask if it was paired with a Vietnamese player, who did you like to kick with? Chanathip answered "want to kick with text". Chanathip continued he likes to kick with Cong Phuong, Quang Hai and Group Van Lang.Chanathip said, he does not remember clearly and exactly the name, but if they are shared, Chanthip likes stone with the number of Austrians in the VN team as No. 10 , No. 9, No. 19 and No. 5, ie Cong Phuong, Van Toan, Quang Hai and Van Lang ... The old student of Kiatisak said, he was impressed with Ha Gia Lai when his teacher returned In the consadole Sapporo, Chanathip often monitor Vietnam
Photo: Getty to re-praise of the student, Mr. Kiatisak advised Chanathip to maintain an extremely high performance in J-League to be able to kick it until 35 years old. If there is a chance to go to Vietnam, Kiatisak will lead Chanathip to visit many very interesting places in the German-shaped country.

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