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Usually, when it comes to books / books, people often think right / and think that it is only made of paper or fabric, animal skin. But, in fact in many countries, there are books made of precious metals, such as gold, silver, copper. These books are called Kim Books. In 3 types of books, gold books, silver books are only dedicated to kings so extremely rare, copper books are more common books, folklore. Due to the author of the author

. So far, in our country, 12 Ancient Bronze books have been discovered, dating several hundred years, including a book in Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province. This book was born since King Le Thanh Tong (1470). Tower, this book is stored at the Cau No temple, located right in the middle of the 21-time wooden bridge "Lower Lower"
By 1951, the demand was not ruined, the new book was lost to the house (currently kept at a family member in Van An village, Bac Ly commune, Ly Nhan district). The book is called "Kham Ban Copper "also known as" unsectual bridge ". The book has 2 leaves / sheets with a red copper material, with a equal size of 45cm long, 18.5cm wide, 5cm thick. Over time, 2 leaves / co-rolled colored gray moss. The book is closed with four round buttons. Books are completed on March 6, Hong Duc, in 1472. On top 4 sides of 2 copper / copper sheets are sunk, beautiful and sharp characters, a total of 527 words. The book weighs 6.5kg
The meaning of the meaning of the "bridge is not from signing", as follows: "Kham casting a dai Dai (Cau No temple). Hang Thuong Nguoi: Once heard, except for a large industry, Vu Ninh Mountain is in the morning; Helping water to contribute many merit, rivers such as sacred signs. The Dynamic Great Hall is clear. The glasses are grateful, and connecting to the Secretary just expecting inside to repair to the internal, want to be aggressive. Then Chi Chiem was stupidly flooded in the middle of the realms, they bowted loopholes and bite. Already repeatedly in the border in the revenue of the newspaper, why can delay the army to beat the army. On November 6, the year of Canh Dan (1470) ordured the great army deducted. By August 8, the dragon boat was just stopped in Cuu Long Xuyen in the first part of Nam Xang district. That night true a minister, hand holding the golden flag, two legs (gods) a legs standing on the description, a legs standing on the right hand, please follow to support the prestige, until the sea is the silent cell new. Nhan when the dream of the dream, he knew this river has a spiritual taste. Sorrectly, Nguyen Nhu Nhu Nhu Nhu Nhu Nhu Nhu Nhu Nhu Nhu Nhu Tang follows this river, considering the truth. In a moment returned, it was to have passed the gate of the bridge, seeing the market, there are rivers, on the river with a bridge, between the bridge with sacred temple, hanging the golden paper worship. Then the wrong troops came there. That person, taking this golden flag hanging in the dragon boat, the boat turns the sea into the river like walking on the mainland.To Cua Ky, to Tan hamlet. This flag is the sea, the wind, the wind. Desk map. The whole is arrested. The price of the king returned to victory. It is due to the experiment of this god, in fact helping the first-class merit. One in August Tan Mao (1471), the license is taken Lim in Hoan Chau bridge, bringing back to the bridge, on the temple subordinary bridge. Huy Hoang gold for long-term worship. Clear classic. Bao Phong god is the spiritual master. Ergonomically, the standard of the ritual, the merits expressed as a pattern, especially the principle of church, creating worshiping rules. The full thing will be recorded at the bottom of the long-term transmission of thousands of years without loss. State the accumulation of copper to remember forever in the world. One thing: EMPLOYMENT OF ENTURMENT, STANDARD OF EXTREMELY OF MONEY 20 Nha Linh Phat. People create a row. On Ta, Quan Phu, Kham Phung District as a ceremony. One Article: Standard for Village Village Van Xa, Cuu Ngoi Thôn Te Xuyen Commune, Thôn Kiều Không Không Triên Triên Triên Triên Triên Không Nam Xang District , Three villages with churches. For 30 Export of Lieu Sai Phu. A Article: Standard for the three villages on the same incense of traders on the demand courts to use in the church. On March 6, Hong Duc 3 (1472) "( According to Ha Nam Ruins and scenic - Ha Nam Department of Culture and Tourism published in 2004, p 109 - 110) .QUA content shows, "The bridge is not from signing", the meaning is Kim Book, not only to poison Naturally taking precious metals to make "paper" to write books, but also in the contents of the book containing an extremely valuable source of use, providing additional materials on the event of Le Thanh Tong to hold the army Citadel, open the realm to the south. As well as PA punishment from Tien Le (by the Emperor Le Hoan directly), followed by Ly Ly (many times personally due to King Ly and General Ly Thuong Kiet). , King Le Thanh Tong also commanded the Dai army to go to the sea. That shows that Vietnamese people have a strong and naval tradition (thinking, it's a warning with the forces that are plotting to occupy the South China Sea today, watching the Vietnam Navy). In this book also tells us, as well as the export times to fight another, King Le Thanh Tong is also th

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