Kim Ngan’s Sister Revealed, Burst Into Tears The Story Of The Sister Pouring The Disease After Divorce, Turning The Girl’s Head

Kathy singer Kim Ngan - Kathy had a meeting with Thuy Nga to share the stories after the recently noisy of 200: 00/1: 19 nam nuThen here on his YouTube channel, comedians Russia has uploaded the video to meet Kathy directly - the sister singer Kim Ngan after the past noisy. Appearing in the video, Thuy Nga wondered with Kathy the hardwood loving the daughter named Mai Khanh for It is always mentioned. At this moment, Kathy said his sister loved his first daughter, however Kim Ngan also loved the second daughter Thuy Anh, not negative.Kathy also revealed her sister When divorced. Always hide under the table

. This afraid of clinging to make her herself later deactivated do not like makeup, eating led to the audience turned away by the audience, didn't like it anymore. Kim Ngan's girl said further after her sister didn't go to sing, she had Search for more jobs to her sister, but only a few months later, Kim Ngan didn't do anymore. Kathy also acknowledged his sister who wanted to leave, no one could speak anything
Final videos, Kathy also revealed the family once intended to bring Kim Ngan to visit Vietnam. Before the day, both sisters put each other to shop. At this time, because the Kim Ngan chose a cold-sleeved shirt in Vietnam, Kathy reminded, but Kim Ngan had a violent reaction, screaming. Since then left the intention of Vietnam.

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