Kind Woman

Late afternoon of July 5, Ms. Nhan in Chua Ha Street (Cau Giay District) ride a 5-year-old daughter to Market of Quan Hoa to buy food. When approaching the market gate, the phone put in the pocket to ring, she stopped the road to the road, took the phone to answer. Suddenly saw the voice of an older woman saying: 0:00 / 0: 57 South - this sister, my money, my money fell, I picked up her. - Oh thank you very much, I let money In the pocket so when pulling out the phone drops money without knowing - Nhan said with an appreciation

. - You should be careful when listening to the phone on the road - the woman who makes a reminder. She gave me a sample of her a little bit .
. - I said. - Oh no, I saw her fall, I picked up help, what's the woman - the woman smiled and asked for a bike go. Reconse money from the woman's hand, I just impressed with her beautiful actions. Mailing to the builder, I feel like I'm lucky to meet a kind person and hope that such things will be spread to life always warm and full of joy.

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