Kindness: F0 Gear Box Of Neighbors Bring ‘sweet Taste’ To Thousands Of Netizens

'Thanks to Saigon because there is so many warm hearts like this ...' .0:00 / 2: 20 Southern Southern Covid-19 complex developments not only affects economic, cultural and commune life Assembly

... but also affects the health of every human being
While, people, house people join hands to prevent and fight epidemics, love people rise more than ever. Sometimes only three rice pounds, a few bunch of vegetables ... are enough to help each other overcome this hardship. All of these are relatively respectful and contribute to spreading the spirit of solidarity of the Vietnamese nation. HERE, on social networks with sharing the extremely touching story of a unfortunate young man suffering from Covid- 19 and are having to treat themselves at home. Right at this sick, the friend has received a hero-aromatherapy gift from the neighbor's body is a cake box filled with love and sharing. Good neighbors carefully writing messages sent with cake boxes: "Listen to you to move to. I send the cake you eat for fun
Wish you and your family are strong. What needs help can text or call this zalo number ... "Add more about your story, the young friend Name Hong Phuc said:" I am F0 and at home treatment. This morning I'm sitting There is a knock on the door, a sheet of paper stuffed through the door slot, opening the door she saw a tiramisu cake box. Read the whole disease because of the love of this neighbor here. Thanks to Saigon because of the real Many warm hearts like this in the days alone with her vy ". The cake of the neighbor and a message sent in the middle of the season. After this article was posted on the social network received interest Mind of a large number of online communities. Everyone feels warm, touched by human love, sharing, the help of neighbors in the middle of the season. Besides, people also spend health wishes, Keep the spirit optimistic to the friend in the story on the above story. Some outstanding comments of the people: - Wish you a lot of health and soon ease! is f0 and treatment at home. The getting of the help and interest like this transmitting the force to us quickly from the disease. Try you! - Wish you soon. Thanks for the lovely things you are spreading ...- Caring even small from the people around will create a miraculous power of any medicine than any medicine, it helps people feel Optimistic into this life, keeping the spirit to overcome current difficult circumstances. Wish you are always optimistic to get out of the disease. This life has many beautiful things! Aries

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