Knet Did Not Believe In His Eyes When He Saw A New Appearance Of A Female Idol After Weight Gain

Now only saw that Idol women were beautifully complicated when weighed successfully, but this Idol female made Netizen crazy, 'dropping a heart' when up to 8 kg.. HERE, UEE (Old member of After School) suddenly Suddenly became a semi-canopy theme she launched a new magazine image. Non-uee wears overweight or too genuine, doesn't shape oddly, but by the information she has increased by 8 kg when shooting this series. Many people will think that Uee has to reveal the chubby, round 2 Phase after gaining a good weight

. But the opposite results: Idol's woman's abdominal muscles are so hard to believe. UEE's legs too, though not small but firm and look extremely healthy. Many netizens have had to recognize Uee to own the "honey thighs" as in the legend
It was clear that UEE gained weight but didn't have to increase fat but metabolized all into muscle masses, helping her own Healthy, healthy shape. Looking at this set of photos Knet just wants to ask Uee the secret to raising muscle, reducing fat; By doing like this is more difficult than a weight loss. Before, when I debuted, UEE used to have a overweight body clearly, from his arms to his legs and the waist was lacked, causing her Featured by other members of the After School group. Then UEE has a moment of overcarding the weight causing the body skinny bone, the skinny legs look very lack of vitality. Idol's face also becomes emaciated and less beautiful. And UEE is now the best "peak" when possessing a toned and most important hourly gear is to look healthy. It is UEE when uploading this series on a personal page to recognize "I like to look like this" .Name - South - Photo synthesis

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