Know Enough To Make People Calm, An Wall, Optimistic And Happier

'Know enough' is a kind of realm, which is a generous type. The generosity can be tolerated to be heaven, so in the eye of the person who knows enough, all the competitions and demands will be unnecessary. Because of that, the psychology of the person who knows enough to have a balance, they are always satisfied and rich in 200:00 / 4: South of the South, a beautiful day, a group of tourists go to a throne Small Greek village. They happened to see a fisherman who was a big tuna. A visitors approached and praised the fishermen's fish quality and asked how long he had to catch it

. "Not a long time," the fishermen answered; - "Then why don't you stay in the sea longer and catch more?" Tourists have questions. The fishermen cost explain that only one fish is enough to meet his family's needs; - "So what do you do with the rest time?" The other person is curious. "Because only a fish, I can wake up late
Then I played with you children, to lunch to sleep with my wife. In the afternoon, I went into the village to meet friends, jump a little, hit the Bouzouki, and sing a few songs. Every day it is like that and I feel my life is very complete "The gentle fishermen replied again. Tourists interrupt:" Uncle, I have an MBA (Master of Business Administration) of the University Harvard and I can help uncle. This is, I should start with fishing all day. After that, he could sell the fish captured. After selling a lot of money, he can buy a larger boat. When you have more money, your boat is also greater, it means that you will get more money and you can buy a second boat, then a third boat, and so on By the time he has a caught fleet. "Not only that, instead of selling fish for intermediaries, he can negotiate directly with processing factories, and can even open his factory. Then rich, he could leave this small village and moved to Athens, London, or even New York! Since then, he will become a billionaire "
Fishermen asked:" How long do I do that? "; - "Twenty, maybe twenty-five years," tourists replied; - "And after that?" Fishermen asked again. "Then? Then it is even more attractive. When the business activity of him is really big, he can start selling shares and earning millions of dollars! "Tourists answer; - "Millions of dollars? Really? And then what about? "Fishermen asked." After that, he would rest and live in a small village near the coast. There he could play with me, catching a few fish, napping with his wife, and woke up late. In the evening, he can spend time to sing, dance, and play Bouzouki with friends! "" Is that not the current things I'm enjoying! " - The fishermen smiled at the fisherman's story. We can see that it is very valuable to know that it is. We should not think I lack anything that should think much about what I had. If it is not respectful, then the current things will leave us and leave us. The main disaster is taking care of your disposal. For example, life and health are the biggest rich talent of each person but people often watch slightly, until they are about to lose and then see regret it is late. enough, although on the land still see peace; People who do not know enough, even if in heaven are not satisfied. " The Buddha and his disciples only have three clothes and a bowl but still peaceful and self. So I know that the reason is that human suffering is because there are too many hearts of demanding, wants. A person who knows enough in terms of interest rights may not succeed as others look at but it will be fun, happy. "Know enough" is how to hold happiness in hand. It is said that "fun" is an indispensable element of each person. We came to this world that would have a feeling of self-carrying certain mission. So live to work, don't work to live. Having a mind known enough is what is in the present. We should not think I lack what should think much about what I have. If not respect, the things you have now leave us. How to avoid the main disaster is to attach great importance to yourself. For example, the lives and health are the biggest rich talent of each person but everyone often seems to be light, it is about to lose and then regret it late .Theo

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