Know More About Mineral Cosmetics

Until now, mineral cosmetics are still known as a safe product far beyond cosmetics present in the market. Then consumers are rarely interested in mineral components that really need for Leather and hair. Because mineral cosmetics are preferred? Mineral cosmetics contain natural minerals from Earth, do not contain color dyes and preservatives, brands still confirm their beauty products help Skin breathe, providing anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, acne prevention, does not irritate, with SPF protected from ultraviolet rays. This information has a basis for skin health safety Every mineral cosmetic manufacturer has a complete additional standard component that is another story. As a supporter of quality and clean life products you need to learn more about the type of mineral cosmetics that you choose for yourself

. Mineral products contain natural minerals from Earth, do not contain colored dyes and substances Storage (photo illustration). The components you need to consider in a mineral cosmetic product in the component table of the product you need to ensure the minerals below are headed in the list: iron oxide - rooted from rust Iron and used as color dye in mineral cosmetics.Mica-substances help increase product features, use such as dye dioxide dioxide - known as physical sunscreen can refract with UVB rays and other Scattering light sources
Oxide zinc - also known as physical sunscreen, weakening the UVA rays, providing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and disables free radicals. eye spots (eye shadow) of mineral cosmetics are quite rich. The color of the eye makeup eye (eye shadow) of mineral cosmetics is quite rich, however Effective tones and skin adhesion, many manufacturers have put into components of some harmful substances. You can deny the product if you see one of the following lists: bismuth oxychloride - a luminous pearl powder, helping skin skin but can also cause skin irritation and even bulk even it Can cause acne wrap.Methylparaben - a preservative is often used to combat bacteria and mold, it can cause irritation or allergic reactions. Some studies have shown that it can cause endocrine breaking effects. You need to "look at the component of the mineral cosmetic products.Butylparaben - a long-term preservative, this component Related to allergies and toxicity.ocinoxate / octyl methoxycinnamate - Used as a sunscreen component but is associated with immunotoxicity, allergies and changes in cell level.BHT - Used as preservatives, However it causes toxicity for nerves, allergies, toxicity, irritation and changes in cell level
Talc - increases the softness and absorbing of the product, however, the preliminary studies show the Links can cause lung problems and even ovarian cancer.

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