Know Where You Have Or Are Falling Into One Fifth Of This Kind Of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is a stressful, unpleasant emotional state of fear and uncomfortable. The cause is often unclear.LLO Europe is often accompanied by changes in body and behavior similar to what is caused by fear.1. The anxiety is anxiously anxious disorder with Lo Lasting, excessive nervous stress, although there is no or very small problem also causes anxiety

. The very small, small and small issues that the patient knows that doesn't worry about it , for example, relatives go back a little late and restless, insecure relatives suffer from an accident, or do not know if they can complete the job well or not even if they are not too difficult, Lo children go away from home to know how to live independently or not ..
anxiety disorder manifested with long anxiety, excessive nervous stress, although no or very small problem also causes anxiety.2. OCD (OCD) is also an anxiety of anxiety that is manifested by thoughts I don't want but keep repeating in your head, or repeated behaviors even though I don't want to perform behaviors That (enforcement behavior). Usually enforcement acts include: Hand washing, counting, checking, cleaning. For example, the patient is afraid of dirty hands, feeling in the person who is very worried about his hand is dirty, so wash his hands many times, the goal is to reduce the anxiety, however after washing his hands only reduces a while Shortly worried worry again. Some other obsessions such as the patient always feels like something urge me, for example, the knife is so urged to hold on to him, go out to the street as yes What urge me rushed into the car running, sometimes the patient was afraid that he could not resist that urge so he also avoided going out of the house.3. Panic disorder is a form of anxiety disorder manifested by panic to sudden and repeated, in the patient feeling fearlessness, trembling hands, sweating, suffocation, mind Rota, chest pain. The patient thinks that if not for an emergency can die immediately, it is why the patient is very often emergency. A other feature is a panic that happens in any place, the patient usually avoid dares Go to that location again because it comes to that place, it is a panic, the patient doesn't dare to go away alone because of fear of having a seven-minded
The following stress disorder (PTSD) This form is an anxiety that occurs after the patient is sentenced to psychology: witnessing the relatives with a sudden, forced, violent, violent accident Death ... Patients often have re-experiences, feeling like I am rising with a horrific moment before, or or dreaming repeating about content to criminals, or avoiding do not want to mention speech. The rear stress disorder was anxious to occur after the patient was sentenced to psychiatrically 5. Social anxiety disorders are anxiety form that manifests with excessive anxiety in social situations, usually as to the crowd, or eating in front of others ... Patients who often work alone Good, but in front of others often trembling, suspense, anxiety affects the quality of work. Usually in social anxiety, the patient often worries that whether I do something wrong, doing badly gets others, I say what will the error in front of others ... watching videos are interested in:

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