Knowing I Remarried, My Old Mother-in-law Carries 500 Million To Ask For Me, But The Boy Says A Sentence Causes Her Ashamed To Leave 100 Million And Leave

She did not mention her pick the more that leave me up 100 million savings books for con.0: 00/2: domain 08Nu divorce the next year four years ago, when her son was a year old and half should default custody belongs to me. Back then my husband divorced because of adultery. His girlfriend was pregnant, the economic conditions than me. Comparing the husband and the husband decided she was not passionate ta

.Toi what a man betrayed should quickly sign the application. Four years, I did not get any support contract husband. His parents did not even ask to me
Sometimes frustrations, resentment unhappy but also can not do anything, I could only try to prop con.Moi I recently remarried, bringing children to live with new husband's family. But a week before the wedding, she met her ex-husband did not suddenly appear long. She gave me 500 million, wanted me to give custody to reassure my husband cu.De, she sure will not let him live with her stepmother. The person responsible for care, foster grandparents. She will love and protect it out of ink, do not let him suffer longer recommend thoi.Me husband put her child to be adopted, I wholeheartedly with new happiness. It turned out that, ex-husband's new wife gave birth to two daughters. Unfortunately mother old husband nephew should want to take soc
Chang welcome to think I had decided. Is to deny my child suddenly uttered a sentence: "Mom, I do not like this woman, this mother told her not come near me again ...". Turns out old mother kept ascend to want baby warm, caress him making it so.Nghe you say, I laughed bitterly: "You see, it was not she knew who she was, how child to her breeding is welcome it? Closing it off when children are too young, was 4 years did not meet, the father, but it also did not realize that, but ... ".me husband bent face, perhaps because of the shame and remorse. She did not mention her pick the more that leave me up 100 million savings books for children. From next month she will fully support and visitation are dan.Ba kept telling her grandchildren and for the money back. According to everyone I should take the money and give the house back and forth to say? (Thuthuy ... @

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