Knowing That His Wife Is F0, His Father In Ho Chi Minh City Does Not Give His Daughter Home

Do not want 2 children to spread the disease from Mother, H. H. alone manifold to take care of, accompany his wife during Covid-19.0: 00/0: 00 namthom August 15, Ms. H

. ( 27 years old, in Binh Tan district), a sigh of relief when her mother is P. (48 years old) negative test with SARS-COV-2 after 9 days of self-treatment at home. Share with Zing, Ms
H. For the evening of August 6, while in the inn in District 6, he asked her mother's newspaper with a fever of more than 39 degrees Celsius, anorexia, people ached. The wife was born with Covid-19, told her daughter to spray alcohol to disinfect a new barrel sent from home until the day. It was reported, Ms. H. Friends. I told her in a place where the accommodation, the house for him to take care of himself but an hour later, she couldn't float to go back, just walked and staggered the steering wheel. "Her mother had an open-minded heart, nervous Weak, when she was moved, she could faint in place, shrinking her hand. The whole house is very worried because she has a background disease, if Covid-19 will be very dangerous, "she recalls the feeling of trembling, fear. P
victory over Covid-19 after 9 days of self-building at home. 48-year-old woman has a heart and nervous disease. Artwork: Pham Ngon.Net chase because of worrying for children 7/8, H. H. to buy a Covid-19 test for the whole family. As a result, Mrs. P. has a positive result. Then, the father turned to his daughter to return to the motel for fear of children. He also repented his youngest son, while graduating from high school not long ago, moved up at the guards to avoid contact with his mother. Before his dadness, H. H. Dam returned to the inn. "His father before working Construction and carpenters, 2 months now lose jobs for epidemics. Mother has a disease so stay at home. I am a drawing teacher, in the epidemic can still do online so it is now the main economy in the family, "she said. Before discovering Covid-19, Ms. P. did not leave the house from June 1 . Therefore, Ms. H. Suggest that the source of infection for mothers can from food bags or money exchange every time by neighbors to buy. P. with symptoms of fever, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, olfactory loss and taste. Artwork: Signal. From the sick wife, H. H. Buy 2 alcoholic cans about disinfection sprays all over the house. He actively chooses to treat his wife at home, fully preparing the medicine, foods by neighbors buy help. Day, the father cooked for his wife and children and always wearing a mask and stretching 2 m when putting item eat.Ba P. isolated in small rooms, cups, bowls, furniture used separately, all activities are wrapped by the husband. Come on H. H. H. also called to ask for Mother. Despite human aches, nausea, dizziness, loss of olfactory and taste, Ms. P. did not complain because he didn't want daughter worries. H. H. H. Run home for food supply, her father Spraying a motorbike, fixtures and door locks not put in. "The only room has a leaning door at the end of the house. I can only look forward to asking, greeting moms and then ", I remembered.9 days of winning Covid-19 before making Covid-19, Mrs. P. every day exercise, jumping rope more than 2,000 pieces and eating Moderation to maintain health. The day is locked in a small room, she is in pain, fatigue but trying to work. Only when the person is sweaty, the husband takes to rush, bathing her to get a little break, not to lie on the bed. The 5th day, Ms. H. Call the video home, Looking at her lost water, eyes, nose The mouth collapsed, talking short of breath, not laughing, she fell tears. The 6th day, she sent her a picture of her hair tie on the hair. "Normally, she scoldsed himself but that day did that, I was more secure because she had a good spirit. "Cetor of the optimism very important to F0 during treatment, her father H. Do not speak negative information, try to tell the story to Mrs. P. every day. "Dad to give me a fever, storm her in the first 4-5 days, rinse your mouth, rinse your mouth with salt water and monitor my muscle Can, any symptoms are to report immediately. My uncle serves a doctor, so there is an additional advice on the phone. My mother is anonymous but because I love you should try, "she said. H. H. Feeling lucky when I have a background disease but recovering after 9 days, not to hospital treatment. Artwork: Signal. From day 7, Ms. P. recovered very quickly. At 9-10, she was almost healthy, only a bit of muscle, walking was still difficult. On August 15, Ms. P. Test 2 had a negative result. However, she still wears a mask, does not share furniture with her husband, monitoring health until fully recovering. "From Tuesday, I went home to ask my father to open my mother with a spirit. I count at a week waiting for my mother quite pretty, my test itself and then returned to the inn. My house is in the mind of epidemic, now no one left the house, food thanks to the neighbors to buy help, "Ms. H. said." I just studied, just doing it from 18 years of age, the spirit is quite strong, the story loses The item on theft, meeting the accident on the road. However, I never thought Covid-19 would fall into the family so it was originally afraid and confused. Even so, I am not expressed in front of the patient. House people should regulate the worry into the forces for F0, do not make them down the spirit ".

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