Koenigsegg Supercar Agera Ruthie ‘poisonous Drama’ Asian Style

In the world there are 24 Koenigsegg Agera Rs to be shipped, but only one of the fancy Ruthie appearance. This unique wing is Taiwanese American artist's work, James Jean. A beautiful Koenigsegg Agera Run Ruthie has just played in a private charity fundraising event in California, USA. HyperCar's Asian-Eastern Suspender is perfected by artist James Jean. Decal on supercar Koenigsegg Agera Run Ruthie Unique Pomegranate contemporary art style, with pomegranate motifs and use many hot tones

. Body, this work portrays a woman using a pomegranate to makeup yourself. It is known that the Agera RS Ruthie has a dark red paint color, remarkable, this is the AGERA RS Breaking 5 records of the speed of Bugatti Chiron in 2017 thanks to a maximum speed of up to 458 km / h.Like with the remaining 24, Koenigsegg Agera Rs Ruthie is equipped with a 5
0L V8 engine but gives out capacity Up to 1,360 horsepower (instead of 1.176 standard horsepower) and maximum torque of 1,371 nm because of adding 1-megawatt power upgrade package from Koenigsegg One: 1 (similar to AGERA RS Phoenix). only There are 25 AGERA RSs manufactured. Customers can know the details on the car according to their wishes, including the name as AGERA RSR, AGERA XS, AGERA RSN ... the price of Koenigsegg AGERA RS Ruthie has not been officially announced .Video: Koenigsegg Agera Run Ruthie "poisonous drama" Asian style.

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