Korea: Doosan Robotics Successfully Built A Robot To Sell Automatic Coffee

Doosan Robotics automatic coffee machines are assembled from parts made according to specific standards; There is a mechanism to operate as an interactive robot, can communicate with people. A robot cafe does not wait. (Source: Doosan Robotics) On December 2, Korea's Doosan Robotics Company announced successfully built a semi-automatic coffee machine, cooperating with Folletto Robotics - the company specializing in automatic beverage production systems at Korea. "This coffee tree has a mechanism to operate as an interactive robot, which can communicate with people. With a size of 1

.8mx1.59mx1,85m, Doosan Robotics automatic coffee sellers are assembled from components that have been made according to specific standards.DOOSAN Robotics said the company aims to maintain the field of business Business robot, service in different industries, including medical robots and monitoring robots
Doosan Robotics robot products were first commercialized in 2018.DOOSAN Robotics was founded in 2015, owned by Doosan Corp., South Korea's 15th largest corporation calculated according to the value of property. Doosan delegation is one of the oldest and largest companies in Korea (born 1896), specializing in manufacturing machinery and industrial equipment and spare parts. The group has 36 subsidiaries around the world and revenue in 2018 reached 16 billion USD./. Quang Quang (VNA / Vietnam)

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