Korea Emergency Meeting After The Launch Of Korean Ballistic Missiles

The Standing Committee of South Korea National Security Council has urgently aims to analyze information about North Korea's missiles as well as Seoul's countermeasures in the future. In: 00/2: 29 South Vietnam Rocket to the Japanese sea in July 2019. (Source: AFP) Green house (Korean presidency) on September 15, said it was summoned the urgent meeting of the Standing Committee of the National Security Council (NSC) immediately after having North Korean news Fire ballistic to the Japanese sea. Speaking to the journalist on the same day, the Green House spokesman Park Kyung-mi said, President Moon Jae-in has received reports from the National Security Office Suh Hoon The North Korean launched 2 ballistic missiles to the Japanese sea on the same day. Additional reports are expected to be transferred to the President's hand right in the day

. Park Kyung-mi also said NSC has summoned unusual sessions The Standing Committee immediately in the afternoon of September 15, 9. The meeting will focus on analyzing a variety of content including North Korea's missile information as well as Korean countermeasures in the future. Before that, in A message sent to reporters on the same day, JCS said: "Korean and American intelligence agencies are strictly analyzing additional information
" This is the 5th rocket launcher of Tri Fairy in 2021, only 2 days after the statement successfully tested a long-range cruise missile. Launching the day before the trip to the United Nations and attended the senior dialogue session at the General Assembly of President Moon Jae-in.Dieu was said to have released a cruise missile test on January 22 and 21/3/2021, as soon as Mr. Biden took an American president and launched a ballistic missile Short on 25/3. This launch of Korea is done only 2 days after the declaration of successfully tested a new long-range journey missile over the weekend, and calls this "a strategic weapon There are great meaning. "Korean analysts said that this missile could be Korea's first weapon with the ability to carry nuclear warheads. Korean national defense and the day are maintained The posture is ready to fight fully, cooperating closely with the US and Korea while enhancing the monitoring and alertness. In the related developments, Sputniknews said, in the meeting N granted at the Prime Minister's office, Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide said the country condemned North Korea's missiles and considered them a threat to peace and security in the region. : "North Korean ballistic missile launches threatened our country's peace and security as well as the area. They violate the decisions of the United Nations Security Council
We expressed strong and strong objection to condemn (they). "Army in Korea and Japan acknowledged the possibility of the two missiles that North Korea had launched as ballistic missiles. Suga Prime Minister copper perspective ./. (Vietnam)

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