Korea: Going To The Toilet Also Earn Money

Going to the toilet is paid enough to drink coffee or buy dessert fruits. It is a model applied at a scientific institute in Korea, where people are used to create electrical energy for a building.0: 00/1: 40 nu southern region for Jae-Weon's science institute and Ulsan National Technology (Unist), stands next to a stool tank in a laboratory in Ulsan, Korea. Photo: Reuters here, Mr. for Jae-Weon, professor of urban and environmental sector at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (Unist) of Korea, has designed an environmentally friendly toilet connected With a laboratory using people to produce biogas and fertilizers

. Beevi's hygiene uses a pump to bring a stool to a underground tank, reducing the use of water. Here, microorganisms will break waste into methane, become energy for buildings, power supply to operate gas stoves, hot tubs and solid oxide fuel equipment. There are three soilrooms that operate in the University Building Open in 2018
According to Professor, an average person wastes about 500 grams of one day, this feces can be converted into 50 liters of methane gas . This gas can produce 0.5kWh electricity or can be used to drive 1.2 km. Fertilizers are also used for a nearby garden. The staff are watching items at Monetary Market Stool by Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (Unist) in Ulsan, South Korea. Photo: Reuters in addition, professors also designed a virtual money called GGool. Each user of this environmentally friendly toilet earns 10 ggool a day. Students can use that money to buy goods at the school, from coffee to instant noodles, fruits and books. Students can take the items they want at a shop and scan the QR codes to pay by GGool
Hui-jin pig, post-graduate student of Unist, share: "I used to think stool It is filthy, but now it turns out that it is a great treasure with a great value for me. I even talked about waste during mealtime and thinking about buying any book I wanted. " Source: Korea: Going to the toilet also earns money

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