Korea: Number Of Cases Of New Covid-19 And Number Of Deaths

Korean Disease Control and Prevention (KDCA) said the country has just settled a record number of new cases and the number of deaths caused by Covid-19 in 24 hours. A girl waits for Dad to sample the test in Seoul (South Korea). Photo: REUTERSUAL DAYS 4/12 Report 5,352 new Covid-19 cases with 70 deaths, bringing the total number of cases from the pandemic to 467,907 cases and the number of deaths to 3,809 ca. The number of new cases today surpassed the record level of December 2 (5,226 cases). It is noted that Korea also confirmed 3 more patients with Omicron variant, bringing the total number of new variations in this country 9 cases, and 13 suspected infections are waiting for test results

.9 Omicron cases consists of 4 entries and 5 cases of infection in the community. Among the latest patients, there is a couple who have been fully vaccinated from Nigeria. Health officials are worried about the ability to spread in the community related to Omicron variations
At least 400 people attended the prayer at a church in Incheon with a relative of an F0 Omicron infection. These people are being tested. The Covid-19 patient must be hospitalized in Korea that is increasing rapidly. The number of cases on December 3 was 752 cases, up 16 cases compared to the previous day, KDCA said. The Korean government on December 3 announces people who come to restaurants, cinemas and public spaces Additional plus will have to present a certificate of vaccination. Seoul area is also prohibited to gather on six people from 6/12. To limit the risk of spreading new variations, Korea announces a required isolation of 10-day isolation with all visitors entry regardless of The situation of immunization to December 16. Korea had to fight the worst translation wave since July, when the number of new cases was maintained at nearly 2,000 cases. From the beginning of November, the Korean government switches to "living with Covid-19" and loosening limited commands. However, the number of new cases continuously set the record that forced the Korean government to pause the opening plan
Hanhtheo Reuters, Yonhap

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