Korea, The Us Approves Text Instructions To Update War Combat Plans

On December 2, at the annual security consultation conference (SCM) between the US and South Korea, South Korean Defense Secretary Suh Wook and Lloyd Austin co-submego were approved 'Strategic Planning Guide' , A document instructions to update war-fighting plans (OPLAND) between Seoul and Washington. South Korean defense minister Suh Wook (2nd left) and US defense minister Lloyd Austin (right) in Seoul, Korea, December 1, 2021. Photo: Yonhap / VNVNTHEO guiding this strategy, the Korean-American Military Commission under the leadership of the Chairman of the Coalition Chief of Staff of the two competent countries to approve a war plan issued by the Command Welding-US mixed force (CFC) drafted. The above action is considered a sign of cooperation between Korea and the US responds to North Korea, in the context of many opinions calling to update the war guide The comb was backward after the progress in Pyongyang's arms programs. Also in SCM, defense ministers of the two countries have committed in 2022 to evaluate the whole operation capacity (FOC), period The second paragraph in the 3-stage plan to determine the ability to be ready to receive the Warriors 'Warriors' Warrings (Opcon) of the Korean side

. The Korea empowered the warship to the country's soldiers to the private The United Nations Order was headed by the US in the Korean War in 1950-1953. This right is transferred to CFC when this department was founded in 1978. South Korea has received the right to relating the warring period in 1994, but the war commander is still held by the US
SCM stressed the US commitment to maintain troops of 28,500 US soldiers currently deployed in Korea. Defense Secretary of the two countries also pledged to closely cooperate with CFC's headquarters to the Humphreys Military Base in Pyeongtaek Province, 70 km south of Seoul capital; The plan to return part of the US military's Yongsan garrison in Seoul in early next year ... SCM was implemented in 1968 with the name "Korean-American Official Defense Conference". In 1971, the Conference was upgraded to an annual security consultation conference.Minh Chau (VNA)

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