Korean-american Officials Dam On Iranian Nuclear Agreement

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in announced the Deputy Foreign Affairs of this country Choi Jong-kun and the American envoy to Iran, Mr. Robert Malley had a telephone call on October 7, discussing cooperation related to the negotiation process. Restoring Iranian Nuclear Agreement Name the comprehensive General Action Plan (JCPOO) signed in 2015. Technicians worked at Isfahan nuclear facility, 420km from Iran's Tehran capital to the south. MATERIALS: AFP / TTXVN The Ministry's press release the above stated in the telephone, Deputy Minister, reaffirming Korea's commitment to provide the necessary support to reconnect the negotiation process "Considering the importance of the importance of Seoul relations - Tehran "

. For his part, Malley envoys asked Seoul to continue playing a role in "building" in the efforts to start negotiating. Before that, on October 6, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed he discussed with Sergey Lavrov Russian co-recovering JCPOA, and affirmed that Moskva and Washington have a common concern about this issue. Alert a press conference in Paris in the framework of the Faculty, Foreign Minister Blinken stating the US and Russia There is a common concern for compliance with JCPOA
The two sides had the opportunity to share their stance, as well as the route that Washington and Moskva desire. According to JCPOA agreement signed in 2015 between Iran and Group P5 1 (USA, France, Russia, England, China and Germany ), Tehran restricts the uranium enrichment program in exchange for being unloaded by economic sanctions. In 2018, the US President was then Mr. Donald Trump withdrew USD from JCPOA and unilaterally re-imposed quites. France punish Iran. In response, Tehran gradually gave up the implementation of the commitments in the agreement since May 59. After taking office in January 2021, President Joe Biden pledged to return to the JCPOA agreement. Negotiations to save this agreement have been resumed from April in Vienna (Austria). However, Iran asked to suspend negotiations in June last due to leadership changes in this country, whereby Mr. Ebrahim Raisi became President Iran
September 30, US Secretary of State Blinken warned it up Time for Iran Go Back Complete Complete Agreement.Minh Tam (VNA)

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