Korean Beauties, Miss Viet Replaced Dinner With A Green Fruit, Eating 1 Week Immediately Reduced 5kg

Not only helps to lose weight at home and whiten, the dining menu with this fruit also has a cheap price. However, sisters should only apply in a short-term period of time not to affect health: 00/3: 17 Southern South in all problems that make the most worried sisters, gain weight Bold the head. Not only do they lose their fits and fats that gain weight, causing a stretch, making sisters more and more confident. Therefore, for the ladies who want to "tunned" in accelerating, besides practicing heroes, eating abstinence is always placed on top. And between a lot of extremely harsh weight, fast, but Do not affect the skin, but also to help white pink skin, cucumber (cucumber) is one of the fruits that are loved by women

. In particular, this diet of the same green fruit is loved by Asian beauties because the effectiveness is surprised. Last past, Ky Duyen was posted on the personal dinner "Poor" Time to tighten with 2 boiled eggs and 1 cucumber disc. Even small but this meal has provided protein and vitamins and minerals needed for the body
A time of chubby, actress Park Shin Hye is also loyal to cucumbers all the long time to lose weight . Instead of eating rice or meat, noon she only eats two cucumbers mixed with chili garlic and mixed cabbage every day. As a result, in just 1 month, beautiful people have reduced 10kg.dasom (SISTAR) is also one of the Korean idols with a spectacular weight loss journey with cucumber. Specifically, after only 3 weeks of eating this fruit, she was able to fly 10kg of excess fat and possessed a more perfect body. Although this diet menu helped Dasom reduce the admirable weight but her diet was not appreciated for health factors, because it was too harsh. Who knows before getting beautiful appearance Linen, the slender body like the present, Truong Thien Ai also had to undergo harsh weight pressing. Beautiful people of the film Thai Tu Phi promoted to reveal the time of weight loss she absolutely did not eat anything that mainly lived on two foods of eggs and cucumbers. Actress shared: "If only eating these 2 items for 1 week, I can even reduce from 5 - 7kg". From the case of the ladies mentioned above, it is easy to see that the destination cucumber is One of the fruits to bring weight loss is quite high and very easy to eat
At the same time, weight loss method is also not toxic but very safe, does not affect the skin. So, why eat cucumber can lose weight? Cucumber is a high quality water content And less calories. In addition, in each cucumber only about 15 calories per 100gr. In addition, the main ingredient in cucumbers also includes a variety of vitamins and minerals such as B1, B2, B5, B6, vitamin C and Folic acid. These are all essential groups for health and unable to increase weight. Also, thanks to very rich in moisture, antioxidants and pH balance are very good with skin, when dieting with Cucumber, you can also nourish skin effectively. At the same time, you can cut it directly to the skin and make a very good skin care mask. The diet with cucumber will help remove toxins from the body, so that it does not only bring about the ability Weight loss but also help reduce acne, purify skin. Cucumber lose weight so that efficiency? There are no standard rules for diet with cucumber and in general, you can eat cucumber regardless of When you are hungry to quickly feel full. However, because cucumbers contain low calorie content, you need to combine cucumber with some protein-rich foods to compensate for a shortage of calories if the body needs to operate strongly. You can supplement certain amount of carbohydrates on meals, with toast, brown or potato rice. According to the tightening mode with cucumber, sisters should only prepare a diet of cucumber, Along with some pretty protein foods such as eggs, chickens, fish and nuts. * Note: You should only use cucumber to lose weight within 7 days because this harsh weight loss menu has very little calories and It will not provide a complete source of nutrition as well as easily causing the body to face a decline in health. The same foods should choose healthy, low-fat, fiber and vitamin. In case you want to lose weight at home with cucumbers, you can refer to the healthy menu below: Day 1- Breakfast: 2 eggs with cucumbers and herbs - snacks: 2 cucumbers - lunch: cucumber salad with lemonade and Greek yogurt - snacks: 2 cucumber-meal Evening: Grilled chicken and cucumber with brown rice 2- Breakfast: vitreous cucumber (cucumber mixed with green apple and chose vegetables) - Light meal: 1 cucumber and a grip of almonds-lunch: 1 fruit Cucumber, 1 orange and a few cheese slices - snacks: Green Tea - Dinner: 1 cucumber and cheese 3- Breakfast: Corps toast whole, cucumber and cheese-meal Light: 2 cucumber - lunch: salad

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