Korean Coach Hard In The Bright Exercise Of U22 Vietnam

Kim Han-Yoon continued for U22 Vietnam to practice in the morning in the gouring phase in Hanoi. 17/8, U22 Vietnam spent nearly 2 hours of pants on the Young Football Training Center Vietnam. Under the harsh sun with a temperature of up to 36 degrees Celsius, Mr. Kim's teacher practiced effort with efforts. Ly Kim Han-Yoon and colleagues operating at full capacity and marketing and timely The players, especially students who have not been exactly the same as the tactical idea

. The needle do what is needed for young players, helping them have better assembly with the gameplay where the coach Head Hang-seo is Built for U22 Vietnam. The players practice many ball-free exercises in this morning. Attackers like Mai Xuan decided to jump, heading
Nguyen Hai Long is practicing in the U22 Vietnam team instead of being prepared to prepare for the trip to Saudi Arabia on 27 / 8.Hlv goalkeeper Kim Hyun-Tae applied many new exercises to complete the skill for the goalkeeper, especially reflexes and the ability to judge the situation for the students. The fixed-life exercises are also raised project. U22 Vietnam will practice 2 sessions on August 17 to increase intensity. This is the second consecutive day they practice 2 sessions of U22 Vietnam is a good preparation for the Asian qualifying 2022. They will go to Taiwan (China) to meet the home team and the U22 Myanmar in the month 10 / 2021. Ong Kim will replace Mr. Park training this team before entering the tournament. And the Vietnam Bring House must prepare for the 3rd World Cup Camping Campaign 2022.Le Minh: VFF

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