Korean Leader Sister Out Conditions To End The War With Korea

Ms. Kim Yo-jong said the proposal to end the Korean War is 'a great idea' but Seoul first needs to eliminate hostile policy with Pyongyang.0 / 2: 00 namem siz Dao Korean Kim Jong-un - Ms. Kim Yo-jong, on September 24, the proposal to claim the end of the Korean President Moon Jae-in is a "great idea", news agency Yonhap reported. "Statement to end the war is an interesting and exciting idea

. But first need to consider whether now is the right time or whether there are ripening conditions to discuss this issue. "- Ms. Kim Yo-jong said
-jong. Photo: Patrick Semansky / AFP, Ms. Kim, Ms. Kim stressed that appropriate conditions need to be created before passing the statement to end the war such as removing unjustified dual standards for North Korea. "Now, the Dual standards, prejudices and hostile policies for North Korea as well as statements, action against us continue. In such a situation, there is no meaning when declaring the end of the war when everything is still intact "- the Korean leader said. Yo-jong Kim Yo-jong said Pyongyang is ready to spin Return to the negotiating table to improve inter-Korean relations only when Seoul gives up hostile policies. "We are willing to keep a close contact and discussion with the Korean side on restoration and playback The bilateral relationship if the country is cautious about future words and there is no hostile attitude to us, "Ms. Kim emphasized. Kim Yo-jong gave a speech only a few hours after foreign vice During the Korean Ri Thae-Song commenting that Korea calls for officially announcing the end of the Korean War "is too early"
"There will be nothing to change as long as the political situation in Korea does not change , as well as if the US hostile policy has not changed, despite the statement to end the war hundreds of times "- Mr. Ri said. According to Yonhap news agency Mr. Ri's literature was said to be aimed at the US, and the speech of the Korean leader's sister was towards Korea. 21-9 days, in the 76th session of the Union General Assembly National, President Moon Jae-in repeated the call for the parties to officially declared the end of the Korean War 1950-1953.Vinh Khang

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