Korean Singer Fell 7 Kg To Take A Swimsuit

Solar decreased 7 kg in a short time to make a photo shoot for the magazine. The singer acknowledged that it was too tired of dieting her, causing her tired of 9: 00/1: 33 Nam in the video posted on August 17, Solar - Mamamoo Group member - Share on the diet to take a swimsuit For Men's Health Korea magazine's cover. The female singer said it fell 7 kg in a short time. The pressing weight made the main voice of the Mamamoo group tired. "I fell about 7 kg

. I don't think this is how a person should live. I never diet like that anymore. The coach said I need to maintain the current diet and habit of exercise
Really sorry, I don't think I can do, "Solar shared. The singer to pursue a diet did not dare to meet people. According to Solar, she didn't want everyone around to see her uncomfortable because of hunger. To lose weight, Solar was hungry and did not drink water for a day. This made her suffer a terrible side effect. SOLAR's weight and after weight loss. "I don't think the right way. It harms your health. Just do one day but my body felt trembling, tired. My whole body was like a cramp and could not sleep because the situation lasts, "Solar expressed it through difficulties to lose weight, Solar said she was proud to work hard and completed the shooting Figure
"At first I was too tired so the body did not keep up with the screening schedule. After that, I drank a little more water to have the strength," Mamamoo members said. Solar also reassures the audience that currently her health is good. "I feel the best so there is a healthy body. Let's go to a healthy diet. If you are healthy, you are more brighter, "she expressed.

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