Korean Startup Has Increased In Vietnam Through Seoul Starting Center

Seoul Capital government wants to be in the top 5 centers of startups in the world. Opening a startup support center in Ho Chi Minh City is one of the strategies to realize this goal.2 years ago, the capital of Seoul capital (SMG) - South Korea provides a plan to promote this city named In the top 5 world-leading start-up centers. They will fully support startups with their innovative technology, in technology, invest in each stage to expand global. Series of activities to help the startups from Korea participate in the Vietnamese market are the way SMG has been implementing

. Establishing the Seoul Starting Center with a floor area of 1,758 m² in District 11, Ho Chi Minh City is one For example, the same expectation will continue to enthusiastically for Korean entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Vietnam. This is also the first place to apply SMG's ability to play abroad, which is included in May /2021. The company started up in Seoul, South Korea wanted to expand its business in Vietnam to receive assistance from the center when providing office space, Supporting commercialization, technology exchange, connecting with local companies, cooperating with investors,
.. Baemin transport vehicles - Korea company joined Vietnam market from 2019.Seoul Focusing on the Vietnamese market when there is a fast growth rate of the same number of startup companies. Through your facility in Ho Chi Minh City, SMG also expanded the opportunity to connect with local companies and Commercializing global technologies. According to SMG website, since SMG's support program begins in 2019 up to now (as of May 5/2021), 35 startups from this country Enter Vietnam market. A typical case is Wayne Hills Ventures, Inc., - Artificial intelligence platform converts any text into dynamic video, complete with content and subtitles without DRM.Wayne Hills Ventures is conducting negotiations in cooperation with Vingroup, one of the largest corporations in Vietnam. Some other start-up companies from Korea are often mentioned to have a effect g Baemin deliveries, Toss or Burning Bros payment applications in the field of e-commerce and subsidiaries in Vietnam in May 5/2021,
.. In addition, evil to venture capital From this country like Nextrans, Stic Investment, Smilegate, ... increasingly actively seek potential startup companies in Vietnam, adding to their portfolio. In the city of Seoul startup, there are 5 / 17 "unicorn" - the company is valued over $ 1 billion throughout Korea. This country is expected to have 20 "unicorns" in 2022 when recognizing, supporting businesses starting business is one of those Important activities in the strategy to revive the country's economy - the country celebrated with Chaebols (Family Group).

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