Korean Startup Support Center In Vietnam Speaks 4 Languages

Coo Builder Company announced that opened the 'COO Builder Starting Center', a common office area for Korean startups in Vietnam in Vietnam. 9: 00/1: 45 South Western Aju Economic Newspaper National, Coo Builder, the company specializes in supporting other Korean companies starting a business in Vietnam, announcing to open "COO Builder Starting Center", a common office area for Korean startups at Korea at Vietnam. Lyling in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, COO Builder startup center is designed with an open space with about 30 seats, a meeting room, personal lockers, a kitchen and a parking lot . The center member can speak Vietnamese, English, Chinese and Korean. In particular, there will be Korean employees or Vietnamese people who speak Korean to support thoughtfully

. This center also provides required support services for Koreans, such as local people recruiting, Issues related to visa and housing. In addition, COO Builder customers can use cafes, studios, beauty shops located in the same building with preferential prices and preferences to participate in monthly events organized by Coo Builder. Joo-Hong Lee, Coo Builder co-founder, said: "Instead of simply providing a workspace, the COO Builder starting center is working hard to develop various additional services In order to reduce the issues that the company founders initially encountered
I hope that Korean companies will be able to claim themselves as one of the pillars leading startup ecosystems Vietnam ". COO Builder is also preparing to expand its operations to other cities in Vietnam in the first half of 2022. The Ethetic Ethics of Vietnam is considered to be the most prospect of Southeast Asia, but still missing Infrastructure to support the development of startup companies. Among them, many newly established companies will face difficulties in ensuring not gi An initial work ./. Manh Hung (P / V VNA in Seoul)

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