Korean Young People Are Crazy With Braised Trends On Social Networks

About 1 year before Pandemic Covid-19 occurred, Park Hyun-Seok continuously looked at the mirror and uncomfortable before his appearance.0: 00/5: 15 Southern men's shape is the way many Korean young people save Keep the most beautiful moments of Thanh Xuan age. (Photo: St) He has been fat for at least 10kg compared to before, making him feel heavy, lazy and embarrassed. The 30-year-old on this Seoul immediately schedule a photographer after 3 months, then in The time before it would work hard to get a shape that he could pride after years of looking back. "I want to know when the feeling of living with the most beautiful body I can have in my life How ", Park said

. And photos taken on August 13 are the moment.Park is one of many young Koreans, mainly in the age of 20-30, has undergone the journey Month to find the true potential of the body, with excreted exercise sessions and strict diets. That is the journey full of psychological and emotional, but if strict compliance with compliance , The result will bring many benefits to both body and mental
"I feel better. Clothes fit me more. I feel more confident than everyone says I look great and praise me a lot, "Park said. Wanted to have a new shape, and PT (Personal fitness training) became a hot job . Professional body photographs only belong to PT and actors, singers, but become popular in the public in the past 7-8 years, Kim Jeong-Taek, M-Class boss Studio, a photo room in Seoul, said. This room specializes in building "shaped records" for Korean young people to take on social networks. A photo in the corporate profile of Park Hyun-seok's businessman "shaped profile" is the concept is being Used in Korea to talk about the showing photos of the body's beauty. "I can say that we are at a peak period. The pandemic has a role, because many people do not want to go to the gym, then the Government performs many limited measures. Now limited measures are slightly eased and the people rush back
The gyms are all tight, "Kim said.Theo his experience, everyone or choose" shape profile "in the summer, and in November and December 12." Why is the end of the year? That's because many people want to mark the end of the age of 20 or 30 with a shape profile, "he said. The composition is certainly a factor for Yoo, a Information Technology Project Manager 28 Age in Seongnam in southern Seoul. The shape profile is on the list of her needs since he was 20 years old, but this year she was done, because she had a 30-year-old age. "I want to find a new motivation in my life. I want to push myself and find inspiration, "she said. Like Mr. Park, Yoo began to prepare since spring this year by scheduling the photo room and registering the training class with PT. Some large gyms are closed to the next 6 months. But Yoo has found a practice place from July 2, and for 4 months later, her daily calendar is going to work, walking and running in the park Every day she also practiced 2 hours after hours and diets mainly chicken breast, protein and salad. "The worst thing is that I really have been very tired after doing or very sluggish when you are", Yoo said. "I am the type of stress with eating, I can't do that now, I feel stressed and understand why many people watch the type program 'mukbang'.mukbang is the genre of entertainment program Korea that the characters in it eat a large amount of food.Yoo said that her biggest mental motivation is PT, who not only guides her how to eat and practice, but also regularly exchange to understand Her mood and physical condition. Another thing makes her continue to lock her a lot of money. Take a picture, including makeup and hairdressing, costing 554usd and must be paid in advance. Episode consists of 40 sessions There is $ 1,700, p Leather dyeing for 2 months took $ 430, costume lost 85-150 USD, and the special diet also cost a bit more. Parking Park said it also takes that much money, plus nearly 200 USD for hair removal (Waxing) .Kwak Keum-Joo, a psychological professor at Seoul VNU, said that "shaped records" became popular as a good trend if done in use. "Young people bear A lot of pressure because it is difficult to find jobs and the pandemic takes the opportunity to meet friends. But when spending time to upgrade themselves and share experiences on social networks, they have more conversations and share, "she said. On Instagram, search by hashtag" shaped profile "for 2.3 million results, showing high levels of interest in this trend. But GS Kwak said that she should not "show off" to become an obsession, and showing body can lead to addiction Social network.Kim Min-ji, a family doctor at Sooncchunhyang University Hospital, also warns health risks if weight loss and muscle increase in time is too short. She recommends everyone to practice for at least 6 months before shooting

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