Koreans In Ho Chi Minh City Remember The Rice Plate, Bun Bo Hue

Although he tried many times, Hayeong admitted he could not cook Vietnamese food standards. The days of social relaxation, Korean girls mainly carry out the welding formulas, Europe.0: 00/4: NAMSU has tried many times, Hayeong admitted that he could not cook Vietnamese food properly. The days of social distance, the 26-year-old girl mainly performs welding and European dishes. Not only Hayeong, some young Koreans in conversation with Zing also changed eating habits, difficulties When shopping for food season

. Then, they gradually adapted to cooking and believing that the epidemic will soon pass. Simple food but must have Yelim Byeon vegetables, Thu Duc City and the family moved to live In Ho Chi Minh City is also 4 years. During this Covid-19 outbreak, the city I live heavily affected
The biggest difficulty I encountered is probably when looking for food, cooking materials, especially vegetables. Because of her 6-month-old son, I have to stay by side and buy food mainly in the form Online. At the beginning, many people worried about limited food supply, so rushing to buy, causing some orders my orders to be canceled or delivered. The number one is the selling point of food near the house to reduce the fee Delivery like Big C or Annam Gourmet ... a week, I regularly buy vegetables and food about 3 times, when listening to the news of goods. I realized the storage of food very important during this period, How to extend the use time and still ensure nutrition. Now, every day I spend about an hour for cooking. Pork often marinated in Korean style and stored in the fridge compartment
Meals are simply trying to be simple but still full of vegetables to enhance the health of the whole family. How to cook Vietnamese dishes at home but loseshayeong, Binh Chanh before, I or coffee shop and friends should eat quite well Many Vietnamese, delicious, delicious dishes.When the disease of complicated movements cannot be out, I craved it to cook it for savings. Although I lived here 10 years, learning friends, people around how to process Vietnamese food but still can't cook proper taste. So nearly 2 months now, I only loyal to Korean or Spaghetti noodles, steak ... I mainly find recipes on the internet or delicious dishes I accidentally caught when surfing the social network. Today is quite common to celebrate cooking channels with many novelty items that process simple processing. Processing materials, formerly, I love 2-week food / time in the supermarket near the house. Now, I just order online. Every time "goes to the market" takes about 1-2 million dong. When I crave Vietnamese dishes, I tried the delivery app but no restaurant opened. I remember the most Hue cow vermicelli, noodles, noodles, bread. In addition, I will go eat sushi right after the end of the way. Only eat canned, shrimp noodles during the distance of distance Eun Su, District 7 Living in Ho Chi Minh City 14 years, studying Vietnamese general education program South should be quite understand about the culture and cuisine of this city. I often have friends to enjoy pho, cake, seafood hotpot, ribs of rolls and drink beer. Korean friends who come to Vietnam are nodded in Vietnam, agree on the food here, unique and unique. Normally, Mother is the one who prepares every meal so I'm not too much for my mind to cook. Recently, Mother returned to Korea, Ho Chi Minh City made a way, I had more difficult than ever in eating. The shop closes plus not knowing how to cook is my greatest disadvantage right now. I immediately go to the convenience store to buy food, coffee, drinking water. I have stored mainly Korean instant noodles. Maybe now, I remember the most bustling, vibrant street space before the greasy pandemic outbreaks. I think the way to interpret now is necessary, everyone should be aware of the hand against the epidemic to the life of fast returns to normal. Vietnam college in exchange for students. Staying in Ho Chi Minh City, only about 1 unit in the small inn, I don't buy a cookware. I eat or call home or eat directly at the salon. I live a lot of welding shops, so when I first come and I didn't surpass. Friends also introduced Vietnamese dishes, I'm quite impressed with grilled bun. This time everyone has difficulty. I'm lucky to meet family members quite psychologically, they are ready to cook and support these days. I just need to pay money every month. Next, I will return to Korea because the term has ended. One year in Ho Chi Minh City, I have no chance to discover many places, enjoy delicious dishes because of epidemics. I hope the city will soon be "healthy" back.

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