Korea’s Second-hand Startup Sells $ 2.7 Billion

Danggeun Market, the company behind the Korea's Karrot community purchase app has become a new unicorn of Asia.0: 00/3: 37 namdanggeun market domains have succeeded in mobilizing 162 million USD in the call series D with a valuation level of 2.7 billion USD. So far, this company has mobilized a total of 205 million USD. The latest grant has turned Danggeun to become a new unicorn of Asia

. Danggeun's D DST Global series is known by DST Global, with the participation of Aspex Management, Reverent Partners and current investors like Goodwater Capital , Altos Ventures, Softbank Ventures Asia, Kakao Ventures, Strong Ventures and Capstone Partners.Danggeun plans to strengthen their capacity in the field of local trade with Danggeun Pay application, or Karrot Pay is prepared to launch in this year. In addition, the company will also use new capital to invest in R

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