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Seeing the cultural-art team of the People's Army (QDND) Vietnam eating family furniture from Krasnodar to delet, a few mergers today, Ha Dang Thao, Ha Thi Thuy is very happy to be 9: 00/3 : 25 Southern men are the son-in-law of the two sisters Nguyen Xuan Hoan, Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union Department in the Russian Federation participating in the Cultural-Art team in the role of an interpreter. In fact, since the cultural-art team arrives in Moscow, the refund has helped the team a lot of things, from providing competitive information, practicing hours and workout locations to logistics .. . Husband husband Ha Dang Thao-Ha Thi Thuy

. Photo: Nguyen Xuan Nhat MinhThe son in the story of a story of a number of cultural-art team members still uneducated the taste in Bach Duong, Hai Ms. Ha Dang Thao, Ha Thi Thuy immediately to the market to buy crabs and crabs . Neighbors, family members also help with a handle to fulfill the same fun
Not only crabs, Ms. Ha Thi Thuy also went to the garden of the house harvesting spinach, mangrove, vegetables, jute, bowls Attached to the team. Everyone in the cultural-art team received a meaningful gift from the British family Ha Dang Thao, Ha Thi Thuy was very touched, feeling warm and extremely warm. Hà Dang Thao, Ha Thi Thuy Are all martyrs. Brothers and sisters of birch do workers in the combination of KHBK textile factory since the 80s of the last century. Brothers and women stayed in Russia, choose Krasnodar's land to "start a business". It was in Hai Duong's hometown, relatives asked why to choose Krasnodar, not Moscow or other city, Then Mr. Ha Dang Thao said, choosing Krasnodar because this is the capital of the South of Russia, food, rich foods; Mild climate, winter is not too cold. This snowfall is not much and if there is also fast dissipation, suitable for farmers in planting plants, poultry farming, cattle, suitable for Vietnamese people. Ha Thi Thuy with the son of Nguyen Xuan Hoan to take photos at Flower fields in Krasnodar
Photo: Nguyen Xuan Nhat Minhrau was donated by Ha Dang Thao couple, Ha Thi Thuy gave a cultural-art team. Family brothers and sisters have a 100m square garden (in Kovchuakha Street, Central District, Krasnodar City) to Growing fruits and vegetables. Which family in Krasnodar has conditions to make greenhouses can grow vegetables all year round, while Mr. Ha Dang Thao's family grows vegetables from March to November every year. On this occasion, vegetables of munarily, sandy, jute, purple, marjoram ... are up well, the couple harvested to send to the cultural-art team in Moscow. Non-reason Krasnodar City is Central The administrative center of the Krasnodar region (also known as Kuban), is the food capital of Russia. Cereals, wheat, most fruits of birch fruits come from this area. Vietnamese tourists to Krasnodar will enjoy the golden color of flower fields that run to the horizon. The seafood market is extremely rich, many manes of fish, shrimp, squid. Then apple gardens, gardens of pears and fruits. The elderly often picks up apples, pears (extremely delicious) to bring the drinking water very beneficial for health. The son-in informs the brothers and sisters in the cultural-art group, jute, jute , Apricot spinach, Ha Dang Thao, Ha Thi Thuy and neighbor with the neighbor. Today's days, let's get free to go to the garden to take care of the vegetables. The brothers and sisters are counting to the week of the seafood market for delicious things posted to Doan.Anh Ha Dang Thao is owning a construction company, he has an antiseplayer of Russian watches and the previous Soviet Union. And Ha Thi Thuy focuses on housework. At the end of the week, the two siblings take care of the vegetable garden, vun bed, go to the picnic ... Look at the spinach, I am rising in the garden, the two are very happy, for a few days to harvest, send Up Moscow for cultural-art teams. You just hope the members of the delegation to eat, sleep well, sleep well to ensure health, ready to enter the competition. You are also whispering the son-in-law to fulfill the tasks on the assignment, in supporting the cultural-art team of Vietnam People's Army.Hai Hung - Letter of Dung Hung (from Moscow, Russian LB)

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