Kremlin: Mr. Putin Is Self-isolation Because The Entourage Of People Infected With Covid-19

According to the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin was self-isolation after the members of his entourage were identified with Covid-19. REUTERS INFORMATION LED in announcement of the Kremlin on 14-9 indicates the Russian President Vladimir Putin is self-isolation after his entourage members are determined to be infected with Covid-19.Do, according to announcements, Putin will not go to Tajikistan this week to attend area security meetings According to the plan. Electric Kremlin: Mr. Putin must be isolated because the entourage of people infected with Covid-19

. Photo: Sergei Savostyanov President Putin - 68 years old - It is expected to go to Tajikistan to attend senior meetings of the Regional Alliance Organization of collective security treaty (CSTO) and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), In the context of security situation in neighboring Afghanistan countries are getting down quickly. In announcing on September 14, the Kremlin said Putin called President Tajikistan Emomali Rakhmon to explain that he couldn't. Road to Tajikistan because self-isolation and instead will participate in meetings through online form
"President Putin said that related Covid-19 cases were discovered in their entourage , he must isolate for a certain period of time "- Notice of the New York Times, earlier this year, Putin said it was vaccinated sputnik V according to Russian two-dose regimen. However, Russian leaders are very careful when they appear in public, often asking the people he will encounter a quarantine. The news also taken special measures to prevent Covid-19 during the period of pandemic. Last time, Russian leaders have installed special disinfection tunnels to spray antibacterial solutions at the main place In addition to Moscow capital and at two other locations in the Kremlin. All people want to meet Mr. Putin directly at the official place or in the Kremlin must go through this tunnel.

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