Kremlin Talks About The Possibility Of Mr. Putin Discussing Donbass With Ukrainian President

According to the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov spokesman, President Putin will not discuss the issue of war and peace in Donbass with President Ukraine because Moscow is not one side of this conflict.0: 00/1: 23 domain Male President of Russian Putin and President Ukraine Zelensky. Questions about Mr. Putin are willing to dialogue with Ukrainian President Zelensky on the topic of war and peace in Donbass or not, Kremlin official said "Certainly is not. We cannot discuss Ukraine's domestic conflict

. Russia is not one side of this conflict. Nothing changes here, we have repeatedly declared this in many different levels ". Dmitry Peskov emphasizes that the theme of conflict in Eastern Ukraine can be discussed with Kiev" only From the point of view in terms of the Minsk package, it is clearly defined in writing
"12/9, Mr. Zelensky's Sergey Nikiforov spokesman in announced that the Ukrainian President was willing to hold a meeting With his Russian colleague at any time to discuss the territories not controlled by Kiev. April, Mr. Zelensky refers to wanting to meet the Russian co-member to discuss the conflict in the East Ukraine. On April 22, Mr. Putin noted if this means discussing Donbass issues, the Ukraine leader must first meet the leaders of the People's Republic of Lugansk and Donesk. The Russian President added that he was ready to meet Mr. Zelensky in Moscow at any time to discuss bilateral relations development.

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