Lab Lab Combined With Thuy Ngan In The New Mv, The Superpire Promotion Has 1-0-2

Audio teaser of the sleeping song has just been introduced by Da Lab. 9/7, Da Lab has officially released the audio teaser for the music product to wake up. This is the song that the fans look forward to the most released Lab skin in the past time, since the screens revealed 6 songs "Ladies" at the end of the MV Leave in combination with Miu Le.Da Lab Wake the audio teaser release for waking awake fully contrary to a quiet ballad tone in last year's demo, the 30-second audio teaser of awakers with fast rhythms, modern music colors and ears. Teaser

. The songs describe the mood waiting for a guy's love. True to the style of composing of Lab Lab ever, the song has a self-reliant lyrics, suggesting many images in each song. The music product of Lab skin also has the presence of actress Thuy Ngan
Uploading MV poster wake up on Fanpage, Da Lab also reveals about a combination of a new factor. Before that, Thuy Ngan There was a stir when sharing the image of working in the studio and the status line is said to be the song in the MV to wake up. Will Thuy Ngan will also contribute in the new song Na Y? Thuy Ngan will also participate in this product. It before that two days, Lab skin made the audience laughed excited by the extremely funny comeback notification on the street in Hanoi. The image of the members of Lab Self-Driving, holding the announcement board calendar out the MV wake up quickly spreads on social networks. It was not stopped there, Da Lab was enthusiastic on the sidewalk to promote the new product. Leather's new product at 19 o'clock on 14/07/2021. The strange toxicity of Da Lab. Follow SaoStar to update new news about Lab Lab! Thuy Tien - CTV

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