Lady Hindé: Revealing The Deadlock, Hemplyhemia At Birth, The Female Supply Of Chau Tan’s Most Serious Harem

Lan Lan - Tran Tieu Van and Huc Huc - From the opening will die in the last episodes of the Lady Film 200:00: 00/0: 00 Nouban domain of the Lady (Nine Chau Huy Chau Lady) Crying out of tears when the ending of the Lady of Lady (Tran Tieu Van) - Huc (from the opening) was revealed. Trinh Thieu Van in the role of Lan.Theo 1 clip is shared on Weibo, after prize Except for cliffs, it rammed one against the reaction. After that, hit something to notify something and screamed in despair. It was worth mentioning that she was just behind, the stole was rolling out of the ground

. It is likely that the base will die on the school and the reason the dead base is related to the propositions of the birth of a child. Previously, it was speech of evergreen hemorrhage because of too much contraception. It must be difficult for her to become pregnant, so it is difficult to spread it is difficult to predict before
In the clip, Lan Lan lies in the bed screaming, then, blood from her flowing out. Netizen is extremely afraid of died of death while giving birth. After that, the child is a duel to hand over to Haike to take care of, thanks to nurturing, teaching himself. Subjects of death, the died, the country was certainly disturbed. Fortunately, Hai Thi still has a pure content. If using a non-frequency pharmacy to go to the Thai post and let go of the regent curtain, it is very suitable. The next episodes of Nine Chau Huyzhou Lady will air on Wednesday night on Sunday Wetv and Tencent. At the same time, the film is also being broadcast in parallel at the Beijing - China television station. Chau HĐZzhou phu học phuoc trình45 minutes10/11 / 202119h From Wednesday to Sunday on WetV in Nine Chau Lady, Duong Mich plays Diep Hai Thi, the girl is nurtured by general manager (Tran Vy Dinh) from the baby. Growing up, Hai Thi fell in love with
Trust, Phuong Chu also loved Hai Thi, just he buried his feelings, did not dare to tell her. Then the event continuously streamed, Phuong Chu Giao to Hai Thi Protection duty (from the opening). Later, Hai Thi was loaded into the supply of non-frequency for the ramming, from here, the grazing between Hai Thi - Phuong Chu - Huc officially started. The director: Kim Sadi Vien: Duong Mich, Tran Vy Dinh

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