Lady: Phuong Chu Jealousy With The United States Of Tam Tham Tam Thuong Thuong Thuong Letter, Haughting To The Point Of Writing The Name On Hai Thi Tay

Phuong Chu was jealous of the Lady's Lady's abbrevity, but because the offer should not dare to say Ra 9: 00/2: 14 South Fans of Lady Hindus (Nine Chau Huy Chau Lady) It is crushed with the expertise (Tran Vy Dinh) envy when seeing Hai Thi (Duong Mich) is close to the level (Hoang Tuan Tiep). The love of Hai Thi is very good but do not dare to say it. The abbres to drink alcohol, until Haiki was drunk, it was returned by Phuong Chu. At this time, Phuong Chu loved Hai Thi very much, but he still tried to hide his feelings, did not let Haiki know the sincere plate. In the moment of drunkenness, Hai Thi grabbed Phuong Chu's shirt and called the Arbiter

. Of course, this situation makes the jealousy jealousy. How can I accept the Kid's Story to talk about other people publicly, so the way is angry, then immediately turned around and wrote on the way of Hai Minh's hands. God! How happy to look for lovely
The way the audience makes the audience think that the guy is extremely angry, just wanting the abroad as soon as possible. But what kind ofness is wrong. Just the missing leg likes Hai Thi, and then misses Hai Thi province, bringing the sea to drink drunkenness. Master Phuong Chu, or do it too problem. Jealous so much that, why not frankly saying to love Hai Thi and regained her for always. Next episodes of Jiuzhou Lady will air on Wednesday night on Sundays every week on Wetv and Tencent. At the same time, the film is also being broadcast in parallel at the Beijing - China television station. Chau HĐZzhou phu học phuoc trình45 minutes10/11 / 202119h From Wednesday to Sunday on WetV in Nine Chau Lady, Duong Mich plays Diep Hai Thi, the girl is nurtured by general manager (Tran Vy Dinh) from the baby. Growing up, Hai Thi fell in love with. Trust, Phuong Chu also loved Hai Thi, just he buried his feelings, did not dare to tell her
Then the event continuously streamed, Phuong Chu Giao to Hai Thi Protection duty (from the opening). Later, Hai Thi was loaded into the supply of non-frequency for the ramming, from here, the grazing between Hai Thi - Phuong Chu - Huc officially started. The director: Kim Sadi Vien: Duong Mich, Tran Vy Dinh

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