Lady: Revealing Tran Vy Dinh Hugging A Baby, Is The Son Of Hai Thi (duong Mich) Or Lan (tran Tieu Van)?

The picture of Phuong Chu Colling a child on the movie The Lady's school has been revealed.02 / 2: 43 Southern Southern Master's Photo Master Phuong Tau Minh - Phuong Chu (Tran Vy Dinh) hugging a baby in Lady's backstage Lady (Jiuzhou Huy Chau Lady) has just been revealed, causing a stir of public opinion. In the photo, Phuong Chu is hugging a newborn baby. This child is guessed by Netizen. But now, I still don't know who the baby's parents are

. Most likely, this is the Son of the Lan (Tran Tieu Van) with the Huc (from the opening). By the present, Lan was pregnant, and the base was excited because he was going to go to his father. Phuong Phuong 1 baby raised a baby to give birth to a son
Pure african but in the middle of her with no love. The person whose Hai Thi loves none other than Phuong Chu. Now tell Hai Thi gave birth to a child and give it to Phuong, it is wrong. Must Chi Ekip produced to reveal some of the sweet emotional scenes between Haikai with the hamming, it was also believed that Haiki was taken and gave birth to children. This is unbelievable, it is probably only the Son of the proposal. But, if Phuong will pick up the Sites of Labor, where is the property? Does the proposal die after giving birth as rumors are spreading on social networks? Phuong Chu Phuong also has a small number of young children. Successful) tormented, tormented because the face was identical to the queen. Even in the first night, the first night, Lan was also strangled, then rushed into her shirt like raping. Being for a contraceptive to the level of uterine hemorrhage. Her life was only retained thanks to the love of Hai Thi's love
From then on, the stole has changed his attitude, no longer tormented, torture that loves to spread more. The proposal was beautifully dressed, it must be for this reason. The next episodes of Nine Chau Lady will air on Wednesday night to Sundays every week on WetV and Tencent. At the same time, the film is also being broadcast in parallel at the Beijing - China television station. Chau HĐZzhou phu học phuoc trình45 minutes10/11 / 202119h From Wednesday to Sunday on WetV in Nine Chau Lady, Duong Mich plays Diep Hai Thi, the girl is nurtured by general manager (Tran Vy Dinh) from the baby. Growing up, Hai Thi fell in love with. Trust, Phuong Chu also loved Hai Thi, just he buried his feelings, did not dare to tell her. Then the event continuously streamed, Phuong Chu Giao to Hai Thi Protection duty (from the opening). Later, Hai Thi was loaded into the supply of non-frequency for the ramming, from here, the grazing between Hai Thi - Phuong Chu - Huc officially started. The director: Kim Sadi Vien: Duong Mich, Tran Vy Dinh

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