Lady’s Hindu: Huc Mai Mai Tong Tong Moi Loi Life, Catching Phuong Fine Wedding Fine Female Cam Y Ha

The audience of the Lady's Audience only cried after every time the crap of the stole for Phuong Chu.u was heaven, the king's most life must call the name (from the opening) when there was a screen Matching in the ground for Phuong Chu (Tran Vy Dinh) with Lin Lang (Diep Thanh). It is a good interest and want to do good for Phuong Chu, but it is true Lady's Fan (Jiuzhou Huyzhou Lady) has no ham. Naturally a beautiful day, the stole took Lang Lang from outside the folk into the supply and then received a sister. Lin Lang becomes the basis, power and reputation of the first line of Dai Luns

. Then the stakeholders gathered the information of Lang Lang Than with Phuong Chu, so from here "pushing the boat" ungainly has been done. The body is in the field, nature has a close friend of life It is worthy of hinging. It is the person who has assigned, given to the base with Lin Lang
In general, all troubles related to the marriage lines of Phuong Chu are made by this king's king. But, how strange is this time, Phuong Chu Thuan is conspiracy to follow the words. But a few times before, Phuong Chu refused within a music note with the reason: God swore the whole life, I didn't marry my life, the god just wanted to in the middle of the National Newspaper because gods are the marriage. The boat is finished and the boat has caused the wedding like this. The way of accepting the princess makes Netizen a number of conspiracy theory. Especially in the situation of Phuong Chu - Huc rang to doubt the princess's body of Lin Lang. The most likely this crap is just a trap to lure Lam Lang to reveal the true identity. If this really happened, it was so poor in Haiki, because suddenly suddenly healed again Huc Húc - Phuong Chu Tru for a painful size, she is a stranger of her baby's heart and fragile heart. Chau Chau HĐzhou phu họcThu love page45 minutes10/11 / 202119H From Wednesday to Sunday on WetVTrong Cuu Chau Lady, Duong Mich plays the role of Diep Hai Thi, the girl is nourished by the General Tripman (Tran Vy Dinh) from the baby. Growing up, Hai Thi fell in love with
Trust, Phuong Chu also loved Hai Thi, just he buried his feelings, did not dare to tell her. Then the event continuously streamed, Phuong Chu Giao to Hai Thi Protection duty (from the opening). Later, Hai Thi was loaded into the supply of non-frequency for the ramming, from here, the grazing between Hai Thi - Phuong Chu - Huc officially started. The director: Kim Sadi Vien: Duong Mich, Tran Vy Dinh

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