Lake Poetry Between Dai Thousand Tay Nguyen

From the center of Buon Ma Thuot City by National Highway 27, about 55 km is to Lak Lak located in Lien Son town, Lak district, Dak Lak province. Lak is the largest freshwater lake in the Central Highlands, with an area of about 6.2 km2, located at a height of over 500 m above sea level. This is the second largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam, only after Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan province. Lak is the largest freshwater lake in the Central Highlands and is the second largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam, only After Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan province

. Lak is surrounded by many hills, especially in upstream is the Chu Yang Sin mountain range with a high mountain peak of 2.442m above sea level and wide-sized forests Large with rich, diverse flora and animals. As a result, the water source in Lak Lak is rarely drying, even in the dry season of the Central Highlands
Abstandard on high looks, Lak Lak surface is large, flat, reflecting the silhouette of the mountains, bringing to the scene of the forest majestic but peaceful and poetic.chung around Lak is the vettlery rice fields mixed with villages of M'Nong people who live with their dances such as: Buon Le, Buon Jun, Buon M'Lieng ..., so far still carrying pristine beauty of the land of the Central Highlands. The native M'Nong ethnicity is still maintained many unique cultural values, such as gongs, Dancing of folk songs, making alcohol needs and drinking alcohol needs, weaving traditional brocade, knitting ... especially, still nourish 17 elephants, a symbol of the majestic Tay Nguyen land. Located on a hill Very beautiful on Lak is a Bao Dai electricity, where the last king of the Nguyen Dynasty as a place to stop when the king and family to Buon Ma Thuot, hunting
This special electricity is a three-storey building, okay ty Modern snuggle. The rooms of the special electrical windows have a wide window with a beautiful view of four sides. From the electricity look down, the surface of Lak Lak is sparkling, far away is the trafficking of M'Nong fells. The forest tree and the ribbon between the green rice field around the year is embellished for the scenery around Lak Lak more poetic and rich. Basic, Ho Lak has become a tourist destination, famous Particularly Dak Lak but also the Central Highlands region. Every year, many domestic and foreign tourists come here to enjoy the poetic beauty of Lak Lak and explore the unique traditional culture of M'nong people living around the lake. Now, due to the impact of Covid-19 translation, absent travelers to visit Ho Lak, but the scenery and life of the people here are still poetic, peaceful, simple and hidden. Guests discover. Here are the poetic images of Lak Lak and the peaceful and simple life of the native M'Nong ethnic minorities in the trafficking in Lak Lak's reporters recorded in those The day is absent from Lak Lak is a lot of hills and hills and night shadows on Lak Lak. A lot of fishing rowing on Lak Lak.In Lak Lak is a mountain range of Chu Yang Sin with a high mountain of 2.442m above sea level, is the highest mountains of Dak Lak province. Lak Lak has a hill High covering forest trees, which are located by special electricity Bao Dai. Bao Dai electricity is located on the high hill on Lak Lak is built with modern architecture. Stand on Bao Dai electricity Looking down, far away is the remote M'Nong's neck appears to look like a picture. In the trafficking of M'Nong people on Lak Lak also kept many long traditional houses. When in the afternoon, on the long tradition of the lake Lak, M'Nong ethnic relatives still bring gongs to beat to remind their children to preserve their traditional culture. In the trafficking in Lak lakes, there are old trees around the year. In Lak water source, M'Nong people here produce two-year wet rice every year. Many ethnic minority people living on Lak lakes also exploit aquatic sources in the lake to serve the constant life day N The canoes of people used to paddle fish on Lak Lak. Persolish boats serve tourists on Lak Lak, but due to the influence of Covid-19, more than 5 months now have no tourists , boats still wait for guests. To date, ethnic minority households living by Lak Lak still nourish 17 elephants, a rare animal and a symbol of the Central Highlands needs to be preserved, preserve. During the effect of translation of Covid-19, elephants do not serve tourism that are taken to razor forests to live in a natural environment.

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