Lake With Strange Coca Cola In Brazil

In Brazil there is a new lake with special color fascinating any visitors to arrive. Lake Araraquara was dubbed the 'Coca Cola dress' because of the same color as the world famous freshwater from the United States. Araraquara with deep brown water. Photo: Daily Maily Daily Mail (England) reported that Lake Araraquara in the state of Rio Grande because Norte owned a deep brown water like Coca Cola because of the amount of iodine and high iron and pigment from the tree roots in the area. But Lake Araraquara near the town Baia Formosa is rated as clean and safe to swim

. Local relatives even affirmed that Lake Araraquara had the ability to treat Araraquara when watching the remote. Photo: Daily Master below is a video because a visitor comes back when coming to "Coca Cola" (Source: "Coca Cola" has become an attractive tourist destination for tourists from many places to go here To take a picture
Also, visitors can also row on the strange water stream, relax on the white sand and listen to the monkey Guariba in Mata Da Estrela nature reserve. Some travelers Once to Lake Araraquara recalled on TripAdvisor that it was dark as Coca Cola but the country here was very clean and unpleasant odors. But visitors are advised to identify the reasonable time to "Coca Cola" because of the year there will be a time of dry lake water. Hutt pink in Australia. Photo: Daily MaiLil in Australia also has a dark pink watercolor. This Hutt dress is a 6-hour drive from Perth and is located in Yalabathara. Hutt dress is colored by the type of carotenoid algae. Travelers often go to Hutt dress in the summer from 10 am to 2 pm when the most prominent pink in the sun. Linh / Newspaper News

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